Monday, December 31, 2012

hellish crafts or bad kids....


I told my mom and daughter that I was going to blog about irritation of course! We went to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas. My poor dear mother has been sick for 3 weeks! She has that nasty cough that I believe goes along with the flu. They gave her a z-pac for a sinus infection and she is still sick!  Scott made his fantastic wonderful delicious green chili stew. I would have married him for this stew alone - I am just sayin'! It has chunks of beef and potato in a  rich broth with green chilies - fantastic! We put cheese on it and serve with tortillas scrumptious!! I think it cures what ails you - so mom should be peachy in no time!
On the way to my mom's I had two knitting needles, a ball of cotton and one of those "Knitting for Dummies" books - it should be called dumb knitting for dumb dummies but whatever! I couldn't make heads nor tails of the directions and I was getting a little car sick from trying to read ughhhhh. When we got to my mom's house I asked if she remembered how to do this dumb knitting thing  - she showed me how to do it. Then Taylor was hollerin' about wanting to learn because of something she had seen on The Anticraft website. So I moved out of the learnin' chair and let mom show her how. When I went back to the learnin' chair to be taught to purl Taylor starts telling me what I am doing wrong - she who just learned. My mother started giggling, partly because I stick my tongue out a little and tilt my head when pulling through stitches, partly because I kept throwing the thing down and yelling that I couldn't do it and partly because of my dear sweet and oh-so-helpful daughter was bossing me around - rude! That is when I informed them that they would make it on the bad kid portion of my blog. They didn't seem upset about it at all harrumph!
We had a lovely visit and got lovely gifts as well. When we got home I attempted to knit. I got about 4 rows in and had to do something else - came back, dropped a stitch and couldn't figure out how to fix it. I  ended up pulling the whole thing out. Then I spent an hour - clearly doing it wrong - trying to knit just the first stitch and couldn't get it to work ahhhhhhhhhhh I finally got it in time to do one row before going to bed. I will pick it up in a minute and see how it goes. I am sure there will be a fair amount of grumbling - or I will get it on the first try of the day - HA! Taylor was laughing maniacally and saying that hell had certainly frozen over because she was knitting and because she learned it before me. We shall see who gets the first dishrag done. I did see her few rows of purple and I am sure she isn't really making a dishrag - but we shall see anyway! I will post a picture if I ever have something worthy of posting.
We are going to our friend's house for New Years - lucky for us it's only a few blocks away so we won't be going far. We are snacking and playing games.
I hope next year is the best year of your life so far - be safe!

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