Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I am back. Please stick with me as I build my little blog back up Ü
We had the busiest weekend ever! It was so much fun! Friday night we went with friends to dinner and to a concert - bells and flutes. WOW! I am so impressed with these people. They make such beautiful Christmas music. The bells are so fun to watch - almost like a dance! We had such a good time seeing our friends as well.
Scott and I semi decorated the house - we are only missing a tree - we will get it up soon though!!

Saturday night we went to the Longmont parade of lights - love it!! The best part was the dancing horses - so cool!! It was just Scott and I. After we made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner - mmmm!! 
Sunday morning we went read the paper and goofed around then we went to Georgetown for the Christmas market. It was cold and snowy - perfect!! We had a great time there. I bought the cutest quilt pattern from The Quilted Purl  - Pinwheels in my Garden I am not putting the flowers on it though - the kit has a fun fabric to put there instead - she had a quilt done in the shop and I loved it! I will post pictures when it'd done. We ate lunch in Georgetown - in a restaurant I do not recommend so I won't mention it here. Georgetown is a cute little town with lovely stores! We had a good time.

Monday night we went to The Denver Botanic Gardens to see the Christmas lights. So beautiful!! It was coooold but so very pretty! After we walked the gardens we had apple cider, hot chocolate and cinnamon roll in the little restaurant at the gardens. So much fun!
Tuesday my mom came to visit me. We went to The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse for lunch and then to the Savory Spice Shop because I needed Vietnamese cinnamon. It is always nice to have my mom come visit me. We usually letterbox but she forgot her stuff and I hadn't printed any clues  - eh whaddya gonna do! Mom stayed for dinner - just burritos.
Have a wonderful week - hope for snow!!

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