Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. I sure did!! We had  SNOW of Christmas Eve - how wonderful is that?!?!? Sunday we had breakfast with Scott's family. We dropped off some baskets we made (that will be another post) Taylor came over for dinner since she had to work Christmas Eve. We had ham, hash brown casserole (well I used this recipe but I must not have the sour cream listed on mine because I didn't use any - I also use half the butter)  and salad. We opened our ornaments - we each get a new ornament on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve I finished a picture ... Santa of course!

The Key to Christmas - Mosey 'n me!
Scott and I ran to the store - other than that I stayed home for 2 days straight! It was great!! I made a baked brie - with brown sugar and pecans inside mmmmm!! I shoveled the walk - brrrr!! We didn't have water for a few hours because of a break down the street but it came on in time to shower and clean up the kitchen! Taylor came over at about midnight and we all went to bed. I was up at 6am - first one up! I got GREAT gifts!! I will show some pictures - keep in mind that I am a little spoiled!
I have a kitchen chicken collection - love this one!

Polish box hand carved - beautiful!! 
bottom of box !

inside - chocolate, earrings and a pill holder!

Santa gave me a misto, chicken shakers. Ryder got me awesome salt and pepper grinders and a garlic press!! 

Polish pottery - love this!! 

beautiful cup for tea with a screen and plate for screen 

hmmm wonder what that is....

Taylor got me season two of the Walking Dead - WOO HOOO!! I also got some cute crocs (yes I said cute Katie!!) I got Sturbridge Box pattern from Victoria SamplerLittle House Needleworks - Bear Tree Forest, and Autumn Leaf by Ewe & Eye & Friends. I got some cds - Pink, Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz. Scott got Bruno Mars - my new favorite!! There are a few other things but I will stop. I got wonderful gifts but more importantly - I had a wonderful time with my family!! We had a wonderful dinner - Scott made French onion soup, prime rib, potatoes and green beans - fantastic!! The brats crashed after dinner - even the cat who ate too much wrapping paper!!

We played games 
yes Ryder has laser eyes... it's a super power! 

Taylor has laser eyes too - cool right!! 

I got Taylor some footie jams - I asked how much she would pay to keep it off the internet and she never answered so here we go..... I love you Taylor!! 
I hope you all had a happy and warm holiday!! 


  1. Wow what great goodies! I just posted about Mosey 'n Me and scrolled down to blog posts and saw yours. Love him!

  2. Isn't he adorable!! The pattern doesn't do him justice - I would have never stitched him if I hadn't seen him stitched at the shop!