Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas stuff!

Good morning,
First let me say - IT IS SNOWING!!!! YAY!!!! WOO HOOOOO .
Whew - got that out of my system! I updated the family page and 2012 projects page if you're interested. Had a good weekend. Tried a new recipe chicken shitake and wild rice soup - it was pretty good! Another new recipe - cornmeal almond trout, served with a sweet potato and roasted parmesan green beans - delicious!

We finally got our tree decorated - a week before Christmas - shameful! Scott started baking cookies - no pictures of that though!

Santa and his elf 
police humor - a cartridge in a bare tree - HA!
not staged - nope.

I had a mole removed - no pictures of that either - your welcome! I did fine until he said "I'm going to cauterize this" and I spent the rest of the time trying not to pass out. I was sweating, nauseous, shaking and had to go to the bathroom - what a pansy!  That was Monday and it hasn't stopped bleeding. Of course they told me to go home, put ice on it and relax - would I do that? NO! Too much to do. I had packages to wrap and stuff to bake - and dinner... too busy. The biopsy I had this month came back good - told you it would.
We worked on our Christmas gifts - pictures after Christmas. I'm excited about that!!
I finished a quilt - YAY!! It is hand quilted. I didn't even look at the name of the pattern so I will let you know - tomorrow. It was a contest winner and there were some errors in the pattern - I am not good enough to catch them all and some of them might have been my this was hard. Thank goodness you can't see that all my corners and points don't match up!

back is muslin - love it! 

Well, I guess that is all I know. Hope you have a good week before Christmas week!!
Mo doesn't like Christmas kisses - not at all!! 

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