Friday, October 11, 2013


Another sheep finish. The one on the right is a mess. I was watching World War Z - yikes - and made an error in the tree which turned into a cascading error - there is now an error in the book and every row of the border. Ugh!! It looks fine - nobody but me will know (and now you but I know you wont tell a soul) but still....

I have to do "Friendship" and I am CAUGHT UP!!! Of course I have a house to clean, paint and move so I'm sure I will be behind again in no time! This one may be my favorite so far - although I have not seen the others in months.
Leaving soon to sign on the house - geez is this ever gonna happen? I feel even better today - slept 11 hours or something crazy - and now just have a little sore throat - much better!
I wont be posting house pictures yet - I want to do one before I paint - one after I paint so it may be a week or so.
Thanks for stopping by - have a lovely day!


  1. lovely sheep!!!! I like the design!

  2. Your secret error is good with me! You are right. No one will ever know. I only frog when a HAVE to! Good luck at the closing!

  3. Super cute! Glad to hear you are feeling better!