Thursday, October 10, 2013

Your mission

If you choose to accept it.... Anybody heard of  L'Atelier Perdu. I somehow came up with the website and a blog but I can not find their stuff ANYWHERE else!!! I mean you can buy it from there - IF it is in stock. It is super frustrating that they have stuff for sale and when they run out they don't have it anymore, even thought they PRINT it for you - obviously because you can request English directions...... So - they don't keep the patterns in stock no matter how stinkin' cute they are!! I would love to have Winter Flakes Plus, you would think someone somewhere would want to sell the patterns when they are done with them? Haven't seen it anywhere!! I WAAAAANTTTT ITTTT!!! Yeah, I am whining -  I have a cold - I feel horrible - actually better today than yesterday!! Anyway, there is a pattern called The Magic that is available until Oct 25th I might be able to sneak an international order in but not the day before we close - Scott would strangle me!! I AM getting a new house - and yes I am still whining about patterns - I am a horrible hateful person (or a die hard crafter that NEEEEDS new patterns - you pick!!)Plus, he is taking me to dinner since I am wretched - I am the luckiest girl - ever.  I just wish someone here carried them - or someone wanted to sell theirs because they already made it - or something (HINT HINT) I feel like there are very few people who have heard of them though...... I did find a cute blog while searching The Grey Tail!
We get to sign on the house tomorrow - YEAH!!! I can't wait. We have so much to do before we can move in though! I can hardly wait!! We have to buy some appliances - paint - shelf liners - things to clean with!! We are trying to decide on if we should get hard wood on the main floor and carpet upstairs - or carpet all over.... so many fun things to decide. I looked at the Homeowners Association - the clubhouse was built by and lived in by the guy who came up with Barbasol - the first brushless shaving cream!! He was born in 1884 and died in his 60's because he fell down the stairs! He paid 350,000 in 1934 to build that house  - it has 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms!! He gifted it to Indiana to use for the governor's summer home when he died but they turned the gift down - they said it wasn't in the right county so it could not be used and it would cost too much to maintain 727 acres. It went back to the heirs and they sold it. It was eventually sold to a developer. It is now the clubhouse! They have holiday parties - pool parties - chili cook-offs and wine tasting. There is even a restaurant that is open "most Fridays" HA!
Last night I made skillet Mexican zucchini   It may be my favorite zucchini recipe!! I used jalapenos from Scott's garden hat he cooked on the grill and then froze - it was spicy!! She calls for pickled jalapenos.

I'm this close I~I to having another sheep finish *grumble grumble*  I will post it - maybe tomorrow!!
Have a lovely evening - hope you are all HEALTHY!! uhhhhhhh

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  1. You are definitely just a die hard crafter!!!! Aren't we all. My DH said if I lived to be 100, I could never stitch all the charts that I already have. Good luck on the closing!! Can't wait to see photos of the new house!