Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Good morning!!
I keep meaning to post about my license plates... and something else but I can't think of it. I hope I remember by the time I get to the bottom of this post! So, I finally got my plates, driver's license and a library card!! It's official - I live in Indiana!! Remember I was going to get personalized plates "Crewel" for my trail name  (letterboxing) in Colorado. I finally got them ordered and by the time they got there I was moving. It would have cost me $400 or so to put the Crewel plates on and then I would have had to get new plates here - so I didn't do it! Well, I was going to get them here - personalized plates have been suspended for the now. WHAT?? Geez.
I joined the Stitchers' Village. Turns out it's much more of a community than most cross stitch boards. I've added the link to it and a few other of my favorite places in my brand spankin' new "my favorite Links" section of this blog (on the left) sadly you can't make it open with a new page, so when you click - you go away!! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
 Taylor (our daughter) turned 23 yesterday. She is still in Colorado. I ordered a gift for her a few weeks ago and it had to be made when ordered so, of course, it's late. We did have a cake delivered to her - Susan's Bakery delivered a 6 inch "Pot of Gold" cake!
birthday girl!!

ganache frosting

Scott found this bakery when he ordered a cake for my birthday!  Ryder (our son) went to Longmont and took her and her friends to dinner - what a nice guy. I hope she had a good birthday!
Well, here I am at the end and can't think of the other thing I wanted to talk about.... blasted!
Hope you all have a lovely fall day!!


  1. Congrats on becoming an official resident!!! Happy Bday to your daughter; cool cake!!

  2. I don't blame you! Way too much for license plates! What a nice surprise for your daughter! That cake looked wonderful. You have such nice children!