Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's aaaaliiiiive!!

That's right - I am back!! Happy Halloween to you all!!
 It's been almost two weeks since I updated about the house - wow! Has is really been that long? I feel like not much has changed - but it has!! Lemme see if I can go back a few days.... The 19th and the 20th Scott and I came out to the house and painted. We had gone back and bought the most expensive Valspar at Lowes- primer and paint and I still had to do two coats!! It must be the paint on the walls - wont let me put new paint on there. With the primer in the paint - it's like putting glue on the walls, much harder. I am sure my hand will never work right again. When I stitch my hand starts to tingle a few stitches in and I have to stretch it out and wiggle my fingers to get it to go away. *sigh*
Sunday they delivered my stove. The delivery guy would not plug it in - seems the plug is cracked and he said it was for a dryer plug anyway. Didn't I already say that one thing leads to another with this house?
That is the backyard - see the deer?

love the colors!!
 Monday I was sick. I had a fever and tender abdomen. I really don't have time to be sickly. I bet it's paint poisoning HAHA
Tuesday we had an exterminator come out - we were sure we had a mouse problem. He said we did not - wouldn't charge us but left some traps. He said we could put out traps the same as he could and it wouldn't cost us if we did it ourselves. We put out traps - only thing we caught was a cricket. No more droppings and when we slept downstairs we heard not one mouse noise!! I am guessing that it was because the house was empty for a year and a half. Anyway, good to know and nice of him not to charge us. 
Wednesday the plumber came out. He had to replace the water heater, softener, replace the plug for the oven and install my dishwasher. I painted while he was working. The dishwasher caused an issue - the water would not shut off, the old one was hooked up to drain wrong, the mouse nest under it - made me shudder, yuck!! Luckily the floors in this house are all concrete slab - yep over a basement!! So clean-up wasn't so bad. No more mouse ick in this house!! I've been under every appliance.
Thursday I did some errands and had lunch with Scott - that was nice! I went out to the house and mopped the wood floor so we could move into the living room. I also cleaned all the bathrooms.
Friday I cleaned the kitchen  - top to bottom and put liner in the drawers.
Saturday Scott and I rented a moving truck and moved everything from the apartment into the house - our first night here!! It was weird - house is so empty and echos. Cat had to be put in his travel box while we slept because we don't let him sleep with us and there is no door on the living room. He woke us up early.
the living room we are living in!!

our first cooked meal - nice table huh?!?!

Sunday we went to the storage unit - we had THREE!! We pulled out anything that wasn't in a box and was small and not very heavy.
Monday we had movers go empty out the storage units - and bring it to the house. We don't have carpet yet and the painting is STILL not done!!! So they had to put everything in the garage or the basement. We had them put our lovely wonderful bed that I have missed since July - up in the master suite because I am sure I couldn't help move it. Our headboard will have to be taken apart to get it up there - grrr. Plus, the fridge I brought from Colorado (not even a year old french door Whirlpool) wont fit in the fridge spot grrr We will have to take the wall down and the cabinet - so for now it it plugged in - in the dining room.
We finally got to sleep in our wonderful bed in our master suite. I expected to have the best sleep since July (We have a king Temperpedic  - Scott had bought a queen pillow top for the apartment - too small when you are used to a king and nowhere near as comfortable!!)   The damn cat,,,,,, yep he wandered through the echoey house and yowled  - started at about 2am. So I put him in his box and into the laundry room he went. Next night I put him in there when I went to bed - thought I would sleep good. Nope, my razor fell off the shower wall onto the floor with a loud echoey bang. *sigh* So last night was the first night we slept well - finally - and it was wonderful!! It is so quiet out here - and dark at night yikes!!
We were suppose to get carpet yesterday but the painting is not done - seriously - I think I have died and this is my hell with the never-ending painting. I started painting doors and trim - guess what? It will need two coats. Scott will spend this weekend taping and finishing the trim!!(I will help even though I am so totally OVER painting!!)
I unpacked the kitchen - have done countless loads of laundry. Scott owns over 50 t shirts - he gets them at all the diners and places we visit. The apartment made them all smell like cigarette smoke so they all had to be washed. He likes them to be hung up to dry - so that takes awhile. I only have 6 more to wash!! I had to wash every piece of clothing - blankets and towels that came out of there!! I like my new washer and dryer. I also like my new stove and dishwasher!!  We found the crock pot - oh, what a fool I was to pack that!! It has been great to have it out this week!! I even baked some pumpkin muffins. I can't bake - the stuff tastes good but never looks like it's suppose to. I even BRUSHED oil on with a brush and floured the pan as per instructions.....
they wont come out!!

drizzle is even ugly but delicious - cream cheese and butter mmmmm

Oh well, at least they taste good!!
Today the internet/phone guy came out and hooked us up!! Tomorrow it's the Dish guy - woo hoo!! This weekend we are getting the painting DONE!!! Tuesday the carpet guys come and the chimney sweep. Then.....then I can really move in!! I can move the boxes from the garage into the rooms they go in and start unpacking!! As soon as the carpet goes in I will post before and after pictures so you can see the evil paint er the lovely paint and carpet we got! It will be awhile before I have any of the rooms done.
Halloween has been cancelled - it's raining here today. In Colorado you go trick-or-treating when you want on the 31st. I don't EVER remember it raining this late in the year plus it's in the 60's here today - too warm!! Here every town tells you what day you can trick-or-treat and even what time!! So, because of the rain it will be tomorrow night - I don't remember the times but I will be handing out candy. Maybe get to meet some of my new neighbors!!
I managed to get a finish in during all this madness. I try to stitch a little every day - kind of a nice break from all the work that needs done.

Little House Needleworks
I changed the pattern a little. I took out the 1+1=2. I repeated the stem. I made the heart red. This one is really cute!! I am now caught up!! I ordered Kindness and should get it next week!! It's really cute with the black birds!! While I wait for that I decided to start Orchard Valley Quilting Bee - same designer (bottom of the link page). I've done so many small projects this year that I decided I needed a bigger one - this should do it!!
Well, I think that is it - all updated!! I've really enjoyed keeping up with the blogs I follow - even if I don't comment!!
Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!!
PS - welcome to my new follower!!


  1. Wow! You guys have been VERY busy!! I look back on the move to our house and wonder how we did it. I bet you will feel the some day. Your yard is beautiful deer and all.I do hope you have fun tonight!

  2. You're really making good progress and getting things done, in order, fixed, and moved!