Monday, December 16, 2013


Good morning!
Hope you all had a nice weekend. We didn't do much - ate at a place called "Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza" Scott wanted to try it because the commercials are funny - and they are a local place!
We had half meatball and half caliente - chorizo, jalapeno, red onion, green pepper and cheddar. It was good - better the next day for lunch!! The meatball side was really good!! We also shared a salad - Romaine and it had Gorgonzola dressing, red onion, tomato and bacon - really good!! They make all their dressings "except the lite because we don't know how to make anything with less calories than god intended" says the menu HA!! We will go back!!
The plumber gave me three options for my wash machine - 1. move the pipes into the house so they are not on an outer wall. 2. pull the plaster down so the drain gets air from inside the house and 3. put antifreeze in the drain after I am done using the machine for the day if it's going to be cold. I am hoping to move the pipes inside when we remodel the kitchen - because those pipes need to move too. For now - it's the antifreeze option. It will cut down on the amount of days I do laundry for sure. The dishwasher will be checked on Wednesday. The furnace should be fixed this week. Turns out the headaches are from grinding my teeth when I sleep. I have a mouth guard for that but I didn't need to use it for a few years and since had a crown put on so it doesn't fit. I bought a cheapo one that you mold yourself and it seems to be helping.
I finished a little section on Orchard Valley Quilting Bee from Little House Needleworks

I set it aside so I can do Gratitude sheep. I can see the end of the sheep - and it is so close!!
Here are the Kindness pillows - look overstuffed but they weren't!
What? This isn't my chair? HA!

hummingbird cake and harvest cake from Shapiros - tiny bundt cakes so cute!!

Hope you all have a good week!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Not the greatest options on the washer! but it does sound like you are finally getting things worked out. I love all that stitching. Orchard Valley Quilting Bee looks lovely- the sheep pillows too!