Monday, December 9, 2013


I have finished the stitching on another sheep
I am sure that the next one is in my mail box but I am making these two into pillows before I move on - two more to go!!! I also took pictures of my craft room - every wall!!

 Don't look at the mess on my table. I decided to see how many WIPS I have - I am ashamed to say I have 11 - ELEVEN!!! Shame on me! So 2014 is a WIPS year!! It may take two years because three of them are Teresa Wentzlers!! One is a Heaven and Earth Design - yikes!! That will be another post another day.

All decorated - except my bat filet crochet needs hung someplace!! I love my room - so nice and big!! I had to iron a few things today - my little shadow kept me company

I finally made the Cranberry Crunch Cake. The nut topping is fabulous - it has butter and brown sugar on it so you know it has to be good!!
It smells heavenly!! I can't wait to taste it!

 It snowed almost all weekend - we started our first fire!! Don't look at those stripey walls - I still have to paint  - the walls will be all brown - not striped!
 Scott worked from home on Friday - so nice that he can do that when the weather is bad. We got at least a foot of snow - but it rained first so it was nice and slick!!
This used to be my Gram's - it makes the most perfect grilled cheese. It has plates you can turn over and the other side makes waffles!!
 We put electric candles in the windows
 We went to the Christmas party for the community we live in. We didn't fit in at all. We were the youngest  - that didn't come with our parents, and neither of us was wearing a fur. When one of the ladies told her companion that my husband was the waiter we decided to leave so  I only got one picture - beautiful place! The house used to belong to Frank Shields - the man who invented Barbasol!
We could see the  Martinsville court house from the diner we stopped at instead. Every Friday night at 7:30 they have three people play Taps. It was really neat with the Christmas lights up and the snow falling!! The diner is called The Mixing Bowl - food wasn't bad and they have a bakery mmmmmm
beautiful cardinal!!
 Scott put up our bird feeder - we had several neat birds stop by - Jays, Cardinals, Tufted Titmouse, White Breasted Nuthatch, Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wren, Redheaded Woodpecker and a Downy woodpecker. The only one we had in Colorado was the Jay so I had to look up each bird as they came to visit - very exciting!!
My Gram had been collecting Dansk dishes - the Quiltings series which are now discontinued. My mom split the 12 service set up and gave me 6. They had been in boxes for years. I finally decided to use them - not going to do me any good in a box. How fun to have such pretty dishes - sorry the picture isn't great! I also hung up her hand-quilted Christmas quilt - I love this quilt!!
Well, I guess I better get to stitching!! Thanks for stopping by - hope you are all staying warm and safe!!


  1. What a great post! Your sheep look great! I loved your story about the community party! It made me laugh out loud!! Your craft room , in fact your whole house looks wonderful. I love the picture with candles in the window. We do that too but it is not as common out here as it was in Louisville where almost every home had candles in the windows.

  2. I would have pointed at one of their furs and yelled HEY! THAT LOOKS LIKE MY COUSIN'S DOG THAT WAS STOLEN!