Wednesday, December 4, 2013

cakes and crafts

A few of my favorite things!! I didn't work on the house at all this week!! Scott decorated this weekend - craft room is done but I haven't taken pictures yet....
Edgar over at Blacksheep's bit of the Web is always making cakes that look divine. I made Mom's Fresh Apple Cake from his blog  and next week I will try the Cranberry Crunch Cake he posted a link to - that is a pretty cake!! This week I made Praline Pumpkin torte I got it from Sunset Magazine a few years ago. Scott made it for my birthday twice - I love it!! I needed something to bake for a snack that I already had all the ingredients for because I didn't want to go into town. It is usually made with two 9 inch pans but I decided to make it in a 13x9 (you have to bake it 20 minutes more if you do that - until knife comes out clean) Since it's just the two of us and it will take awhile to eat I also decided no whipped cream on the top (still need some for the recipe) Anyway I baked it and flipped it over and it is fabulous!!!
before the flip

That praline stuff is delicious and really easy to make!
I have been working on some snowmen crafts I saw in Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts 2013 issue.(The BH&G site is lovely - lots of craft ideas for adults and kids!!) There were two more patterns I wanted to make - a felt snowman ornament and "Happiness is Making Friends" embroidery but I'd rather get my sheep done. So here are the two I made.


candle mat
 I bought some coffins at Halloween - I saw a cross stitch kit for coffin scissor holder but they wanted $50 for it. I bought 3 coffins for $9! I painted and distressed them and I will make something from one of the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue to fit inside - perfect!!  That will be a fun project!
I am almost done with my first  "Kindness" sheep - I just ordered "Gratitude" I'm so close to being done......ahhhh
Thanks for stopping by  - hope you have a good day. 

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  1. Cake looks yummy. That cranberry cake from Edgar;s blog looks so good. I'm on the nasty pre-diabetes diet so no goodies for me! (But lots better than diabetes) I love the little bell snowmen and can't wait to see what you do with the coffins!