Monday, September 8, 2014

away he goes

Yeah, Ryder went back to school. This time he has an apartment on campus with a roommate. He is working towards an internship in New Zealand - I really hope he gets to go! We miss him. The cat misses him too. The weekend before he left we took him to Holliday Park (my computer is working again!!!) Look at the size of this moth we found...
my boys
It's a lovely park - we were there on a very humid day though - yuck!!
We went to estate sale - I'm not fond of them - sad but we went anyway. We got this table for $20 - can't beat it! Scott sure made it look pretty...

 We decorated the house for Fall - I'm impatient for Fall to arrive!
 Scott also got this work bench for $20! Great price! It's in his framing room!  We got a desk for his music room too - now we need to find cabinets!
We ended up using the tool box for wine instead of silverware.

  A friend of ours - Joanie - ordered this mirror for her bathroom and it arrived broken. They sent her a new one and said she could keep the old one so she gave it to us. Scott painted it - distressed it and made it into a chalkboard for my recipes.....I LOVE it!  Just mark off what I made - has my recipe book pages - brilliant!
the * means a new recipe!!
 That's it for today - I will be back in a day or two for a stitchy post!! I hope you are enjoying cooler weather!!


  1. I hope your son has a great year!!!! I love all the Fall decorating. I think we are all ready for Fall to get here! You guys have made some great finds and then made them look even better.

  2. Awesome Moth! Your finds and redos are wonderful; especially love the new chalk board. It looks awesome!

  3. What a gorgeous Moth!
    I love seeing your great re-do's.