Thursday, September 18, 2014

There's an island in Ohio???

Yes, there is! They actually have several -out in Lake Erie. Of course we had to take a trip out to see one. It was supposed to be a day trip but Marblehead OH is 5 hours away. We decided to go to Toledo for the night - why Toledo? Scott wanted to eat at Packo's hotdogs -the very same place Klinger on MASH was always talking about. The dogs are delish. They have hotdog buns with autographs all over the walls and a gift shop. Pretty cool.

The next day we went 12 miles into Michigan for breakfast. I had never been to Michigan so we needed to grab a letterbox. When there isn't a place from DDD close we look at Local Eats they have not led us astray yet. We ate at Boles Harbour cafe - it was good.

banana walnut pancakes / eggs biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns
We drove out to Marblehead and caught the ferry to Kelley's Island. When we got over we rented a golf cart and tootled around the island. We heard that Put in Bay is a party place for middle aged folks - but we didn't go there!
riding in the golfcart

glacial grooves - say that 3 times fast
 That was fun! we ate on the island at the village pump - we took a bunch home! Chicken salad sandwich, clams, lobster chowder, french fried green beans - those are so good! The food was very good.

We made our way back home that night! Then we still had 2 days off - yay! It was a 3 day weekend and we each took an extra day!We hung around at home for the most part!
This weekend we ate breakfast in Indianapolis - again we picked a restaurant from Local Eats. Cafe Patachou it was very tasty - we will have to go back!!
my honey
The omelet you can't refuse with sourdough toast
Broken yolk with bacon and avocado / potato
After breakfast I got a tattoo - yep I did. When we were leaving Colorado there was a tattoo project going on - from their facebook page...
"Do you love Boulder? Do you love it enough to have a portion of a love poem to Boulder tattooed on your body? The Boulder Tattoo Project is modeled after the Lexington Tattoo Project, a recent collaboration between Kentucky artists Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde. What started as a Facebook request for Lexington residents to have the words of a love poem to the city, written by Kentucky Poet Bianca Spriggs, inked on their bodies has become a local phenomenon and is garnering national attention. Boulder is the second city to embark on this type of project." 
I couldn't do it because I was moving away and didn't have time. The same two people have started a new tattoo project -  They had Frank X Walker write a poem for their project. Anybody can visit the website and pick which section of words they would like - comes with a snippet of art. Next year they will unveil what the snippets of art create. Also, you can choose to have the circles or not - they represent the Kentucky post mark. Once your tattoo heals you send them a picture and they take all the pictures and make a video. It's a large art project. The fun thing is that already - the tattoo I chose has been chosen by 45 people - so far - and I hope to find out where in the world they all live!! One has been translated into Gaelic. It would be neat to run into one of them in the airport sometime in my life. Scott hates tattoos so he was a great sport going with me.
It's on my leg. It's not my first tattoo so I knew what to expect. It's been about 8 years since my last tattoo - I don't remember it stinging so much!! It feels much better today - once it's healed I will post another picture. By the way the project is called "Love Letter to the World" Check it out - or become a part of it!!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you are having Fall like weather!!


  1. I love your tattoo! If I dared to have one I would want something meaningful like that.

  2. What a fascinating post. First, all that food looks so good. It is one hour (about) till dinner! I love your tattoo. I had never heard of that project. I don't think I loved KY enough to get a tattoo about it, Washington YES!

  3. well now I am hungry and I have just eaten loved the sights and hope you found the post box :) and coooo love the tat ... and how cool is that project ... not got one but like to look at the good ones hhehe :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Looks like a great time, thanks for sharing the pics.
    What great places you visit!
    Food all looks delicious,and what a cool Tattoo.