Sunday, September 28, 2014

Indiana fun

Not much been going on here. Seems like the weekends go by so fast and we are back to our normal routine. As you know I moved to Indiana July of 2013. There are so many fun Fall things to do here - but last Fall I was painting and moving. This Fall we are going to do some of the fun things Indiana has to offer. This weekend I am hoping to make it to the apple orchard - they have cider slushes - mmmm!! They also have pick your own raspberries - I'm hoping to do that. We did manage to make it to this particular orchard last year and loved it. Last weekend we went up around Parke County. Every year they have a covered bridge festival. Several towns are involved and there are some neat things to see. I guess the towns are crazy busy from September to October. There are antique shops - a mill - cheese factory - to name a few. So last weekend we started in Cloverdale Indiana. We went to the Purple Cow. they have some fun antiques. Scott bought an old canister they used to put record wax - I don't know what it looked like but the canister is really neat!!

We also went to a store called RTM Unique Country Gifts and Garden in Cloverdale. It was a lot of  things you would buy in a catalog - this way you didn't have to wait for it to ship! Remember the wooden bowl I bought - I was so proud of getting it for such a great price. Turns out they are mass produced - she had two identical ones there. Boo - I still love it and I still paid a good price for it!! We bought a fabulous sign

 We also got some soy wax - the scented kind, some star night lights and a few other little things. Next we headed to Rockville Indiana. We went in 4 shops there - There were two I really like - Finders Keepers where I bought this adorable spindle dragonfly
and got some fun ideas for ladders - you'll have to wait until we do it!! We also have a fun idea for a door - another thing you'll have to wait for!! I liked a shop called Neva's Antiques but we got there late and had to hurry though. There was a place called Aunt Pattys that was nice - I got the cutest notepad
the top slides off and you can put new paper in. We will have to go back soon - I want to visit the grist mill - that still runs!! I also want to go to the Amish cheese store!! In one of our travel brochures we saw "Garden Quilts" advertised - that would be fun to go see!! Gardens done in quilt patterns!!
A few weekends ago we tried Korean food - we looked at Local and decided to give it a try. It was a very interesting experience. Next time we go we are going to try a BBQ table - they have tables with BBQ in the center and they bring you meat to cook. Only thing I don't like about it - you have to pay $20 a person plus 15% gratuity and cook your own food!! I think it's worth a try though for the Korean ribs!! The menu was crazy -
beef entrails? yick They should call it something different!!

this is what we ordered.... I can't tell you what it was.....

this is what it looked like

Some of those side dishes were disgusting!! The seaweed salad tasted like lake water and was rubbery. I tried everything but did not like everything. I can't even tell you what I was eating - adventurous!! The dumplings were good and my meal was good. I think we were the only ones in there that were not Asian - until a group of college kids came in and sat at a BBQ table! I think this is authentic Korean food - very interesting!!
Well, that's all I know. Thanks for stopping by....
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  1. I agree, there are so many fun things to do in the fall in your area. When we lived in Louisville we did a lot in Indiana. It has always been my favorite time of the year. A covered bridge festival sounds wonderful!! Enjoy! Have you been to Brown County yet?