Sunday, September 28, 2014

Indiana fun

Not much been going on here. Seems like the weekends go by so fast and we are back to our normal routine. As you know I moved to Indiana July of 2013. There are so many fun Fall things to do here - but last Fall I was painting and moving. This Fall we are going to do some of the fun things Indiana has to offer. This weekend I am hoping to make it to the apple orchard - they have cider slushes - mmmm!! They also have pick your own raspberries - I'm hoping to do that. We did manage to make it to this particular orchard last year and loved it. Last weekend we went up around Parke County. Every year they have a covered bridge festival. Several towns are involved and there are some neat things to see. I guess the towns are crazy busy from September to October. There are antique shops - a mill - cheese factory - to name a few. So last weekend we started in Cloverdale Indiana. We went to the Purple Cow. they have some fun antiques. Scott bought an old canister they used to put record wax - I don't know what it looked like but the canister is really neat!!

We also went to a store called RTM Unique Country Gifts and Garden in Cloverdale. It was a lot of  things you would buy in a catalog - this way you didn't have to wait for it to ship! Remember the wooden bowl I bought - I was so proud of getting it for such a great price. Turns out they are mass produced - she had two identical ones there. Boo - I still love it and I still paid a good price for it!! We bought a fabulous sign

 We also got some soy wax - the scented kind, some star night lights and a few other little things. Next we headed to Rockville Indiana. We went in 4 shops there - There were two I really like - Finders Keepers where I bought this adorable spindle dragonfly
and got some fun ideas for ladders - you'll have to wait until we do it!! We also have a fun idea for a door - another thing you'll have to wait for!! I liked a shop called Neva's Antiques but we got there late and had to hurry though. There was a place called Aunt Pattys that was nice - I got the cutest notepad
the top slides off and you can put new paper in. We will have to go back soon - I want to visit the grist mill - that still runs!! I also want to go to the Amish cheese store!! In one of our travel brochures we saw "Garden Quilts" advertised - that would be fun to go see!! Gardens done in quilt patterns!!
A few weekends ago we tried Korean food - we looked at Local and decided to give it a try. It was a very interesting experience. Next time we go we are going to try a BBQ table - they have tables with BBQ in the center and they bring you meat to cook. Only thing I don't like about it - you have to pay $20 a person plus 15% gratuity and cook your own food!! I think it's worth a try though for the Korean ribs!! The menu was crazy -
beef entrails? yick They should call it something different!!

this is what we ordered.... I can't tell you what it was.....

this is what it looked like

Some of those side dishes were disgusting!! The seaweed salad tasted like lake water and was rubbery. I tried everything but did not like everything. I can't even tell you what I was eating - adventurous!! The dumplings were good and my meal was good. I think we were the only ones in there that were not Asian - until a group of college kids came in and sat at a BBQ table! I think this is authentic Korean food - very interesting!!
Well, that's all I know. Thanks for stopping by....
my "helper"

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

oooo mouse house!!

I have a finish - The Charming House of Lindy Mouse. Of course I had to use a quarter so you could see how small it is!

It turned out cute! It was different stitching upside down and sideways.It wasn't too hard to put together - lots of stitching. I am still plugging away on the other 3 projects -I wish I had more time to stitch!  I added Harvest Keeper by Plum Street Samplers - it's my project at work! I have to take glasses to work on it though because I got 40 count Confederate gray linen and can no longer see it! *sigh* It's hell getting old. I am also participating in the crochet along (you can also knit) that Yarnspirations is hosting. I just got part three but haven't started it - here is one and two

That's it on the stitching front - I better get back to it!!  Hope you are having a stitchy day!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

There's an island in Ohio???

Yes, there is! They actually have several -out in Lake Erie. Of course we had to take a trip out to see one. It was supposed to be a day trip but Marblehead OH is 5 hours away. We decided to go to Toledo for the night - why Toledo? Scott wanted to eat at Packo's hotdogs -the very same place Klinger on MASH was always talking about. The dogs are delish. They have hotdog buns with autographs all over the walls and a gift shop. Pretty cool.

The next day we went 12 miles into Michigan for breakfast. I had never been to Michigan so we needed to grab a letterbox. When there isn't a place from DDD close we look at Local Eats they have not led us astray yet. We ate at Boles Harbour cafe - it was good.

banana walnut pancakes / eggs biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns
We drove out to Marblehead and caught the ferry to Kelley's Island. When we got over we rented a golf cart and tootled around the island. We heard that Put in Bay is a party place for middle aged folks - but we didn't go there!
riding in the golfcart

glacial grooves - say that 3 times fast
 That was fun! we ate on the island at the village pump - we took a bunch home! Chicken salad sandwich, clams, lobster chowder, french fried green beans - those are so good! The food was very good.

We made our way back home that night! Then we still had 2 days off - yay! It was a 3 day weekend and we each took an extra day!We hung around at home for the most part!
This weekend we ate breakfast in Indianapolis - again we picked a restaurant from Local Eats. Cafe Patachou it was very tasty - we will have to go back!!
my honey
The omelet you can't refuse with sourdough toast
Broken yolk with bacon and avocado / potato
After breakfast I got a tattoo - yep I did. When we were leaving Colorado there was a tattoo project going on - from their facebook page...
"Do you love Boulder? Do you love it enough to have a portion of a love poem to Boulder tattooed on your body? The Boulder Tattoo Project is modeled after the Lexington Tattoo Project, a recent collaboration between Kentucky artists Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde. What started as a Facebook request for Lexington residents to have the words of a love poem to the city, written by Kentucky Poet Bianca Spriggs, inked on their bodies has become a local phenomenon and is garnering national attention. Boulder is the second city to embark on this type of project." 
I couldn't do it because I was moving away and didn't have time. The same two people have started a new tattoo project -  They had Frank X Walker write a poem for their project. Anybody can visit the website and pick which section of words they would like - comes with a snippet of art. Next year they will unveil what the snippets of art create. Also, you can choose to have the circles or not - they represent the Kentucky post mark. Once your tattoo heals you send them a picture and they take all the pictures and make a video. It's a large art project. The fun thing is that already - the tattoo I chose has been chosen by 45 people - so far - and I hope to find out where in the world they all live!! One has been translated into Gaelic. It would be neat to run into one of them in the airport sometime in my life. Scott hates tattoos so he was a great sport going with me.
It's on my leg. It's not my first tattoo so I knew what to expect. It's been about 8 years since my last tattoo - I don't remember it stinging so much!! It feels much better today - once it's healed I will post another picture. By the way the project is called "Love Letter to the World" Check it out - or become a part of it!!
Thanks for stopping by - hope you are having Fall like weather!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Stitchy things

So, I have been working on several projects at once. I don't know if I like doing it. I may cut it down to two projects when these ones are done - they take longer to complete. Here are some pictures of my progress - please forgive the wrinkles!!
This is The Charming House of Lindy Mouse I have the house part done - starting on the roof.

Noel by Renato Parolin it's 4 pieces - I have one done and almost have the border on the second one.
Pinwheels in my garden by Kansas Troubles you can see the braid I am quilting and circles in the ends. I stitched around the light colored triangles - I love stitching with that golden threads quilting paper!!
Last is the Orchard Valley Quilting Bee by Little House Needleworks
In a thrift store we found this tray...
5 bucks

and put Song of the Seasons (Little House Needleworks) in it
I just got Harvest Keeper in the mail today - I also got 2 pieces of Confederate Grey 40 ct to stitch 2 of them and some of the threads. I think I want to finish them on boxes - I think it will be adorable. Have to wait until I finish the current projects!!
 Yarnspirations is having a "Mystery Adventure Scarf Crochet or Knit Along" doesn't cost anything - unless you want to order the yarn from them. Looks like fun - I might just give it a try!! I signed up for their newsletters and I love getting them in my mail - they have some fun free patterns!! I will be making apple dishcloths on our next road trip! Marly from Santa's and Samplers mentioned some antique festivals we might have to drive out and see or maybe the Yankee Peddler in Ohio!
 I mentioned earlier that my daughter has an etsy store selling knitted dishcloths - KitzyKnits. I think she will knit anything you want knitted you just have to contact her.. Also, if you tried to buy some and thought the shipping was too high - try again. It's her first shop and she is learning! I got the dishcloths I ordered from her - love them!
My mom opened a shop in Castle Rock Colorado she has healing teas, herbs, bath teas and oils, lotions and creams . It's called DiviniTeas. If you need some of her voodoo that she doo so well hee hee- email me and I will give you her number. She is also an intuitive palm reader. I made these tags for her to use. Cute huh!

bottle cap for size!
Hope you are having lovely weather and lots of stitching time!!

away he goes

Yeah, Ryder went back to school. This time he has an apartment on campus with a roommate. He is working towards an internship in New Zealand - I really hope he gets to go! We miss him. The cat misses him too. The weekend before he left we took him to Holliday Park (my computer is working again!!!) Look at the size of this moth we found...
my boys
It's a lovely park - we were there on a very humid day though - yuck!!
We went to estate sale - I'm not fond of them - sad but we went anyway. We got this table for $20 - can't beat it! Scott sure made it look pretty...

 We decorated the house for Fall - I'm impatient for Fall to arrive!
 Scott also got this work bench for $20! Great price! It's in his framing room!  We got a desk for his music room too - now we need to find cabinets!
We ended up using the tool box for wine instead of silverware.

  A friend of ours - Joanie - ordered this mirror for her bathroom and it arrived broken. They sent her a new one and said she could keep the old one so she gave it to us. Scott painted it - distressed it and made it into a chalkboard for my recipes.....I LOVE it!  Just mark off what I made - has my recipe book pages - brilliant!
the * means a new recipe!!
 That's it for today - I will be back in a day or two for a stitchy post!! I hope you are enjoying cooler weather!!