Thursday, September 3, 2015

Frames and furniture

Hellooooo! Is everybody having this ridiculous heat? ugh. I have family visiting me in October and I see a few trees trying to change and I yell at them - WAAAAIT!!! I don't want them to be all gone by the time they get here! I still don't like the heat though. Scott has been working pretty hard on house projects. I'm going to start with furniture. We bought the cutest little long-legged table at a junk shop for $15 about a year ago. Scott sanded it - painted it black and aged it.


he added a cute fox pull - adorable!!
A friend of his asked him to cut some table legs down - he saved the legs and made a little bench to hold his crates of bottles

isn't that cute!?!?!
Now for the framing. Let me start by saying we used to buy all our frames. We would use a coupon or wait for a sale but we could always manage at least one frame at a time. Then we moved to Alaska - the frames were ridiculously expensive and we stopped buying them. I didn't stop stitching though. When we moved to Colorado we didn't start framing again and Scott had no idea how many pieces I had made..... I was showing my friend all my finishes and Scott was shocked. So he started buying frames again but now they were so expensive and they didn't always have what we wanted. Scott started making frames or refurbishing old ones. I'm so proud of his ability!! Now after having said all that I have to say the first frame finish is bought - yep we went and bought a frame. We wont be doing that again soon though because with a 60% off coupon the frame was $100 - ridiculous!! It looks lovely though.
Victoria Sampler Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm
I have a few pictures that he has been afraid to frame but now that he only has a few left to frame he decided to give them a try!!The first one is by Patricia Andrle of Counted Illuminations. She is a hard designer to find - she doesn't have an email, blog, website - nothing! She has some fabulous pieces but a lot of the are kind of washed out. So you have to look to see the pretty details, this one is Victorian House stitched on two pieces - which is why Scott was afraid to frame it. I think he did a fantastic job!!
stitched in 08

If you look through the windows you see the second piece - which DID NOT line up so I had to add more stitches to it before he could frame it. The other Patricia Andrle I have is the Christmas House - I think I stitched it 20 years ago. It's not framed yet but I hope it will be soon. I have her Flower Shop to stitch - just got the magazine from ebay!! Scott is making a frame for Blackbird Inn by Little House - I'm excited to post it when he is done!! I'm still working on the needlework shop - it's already cute.
I did engage in some stash enhancement activities.... 2 With Thy Needles and 2 older Prairie Sampler Santas!! YAY!!
 Have you guys seen the new m&m's? Pecan pie
I think they taste burnt. Scott didn't think they were very good either. I did not get the candy corn ones - weird! We tried the new Lays chips - Reuben tastes just like a Reuben!! The Gyro flavor is disgusting - Scott liked it because it tastes just like a gyro - meat and feta but I thought the feta was over-powering yeeeuck. The truffle chips are fantastic - I could eat them until they make me sick. Biscuits and gravy - haven't seen them anywhere - nobody we have asked has seen them either. I love trying the contest flavors - it's fun. Even when the flavors are nasty - last year the mango salsa was disgusting and I love mango salsa - they just didn't get the flavor right.
Now for the wildlife portion of the blog - ha ha

male cardinal feeding his baby- so cute!!


 Welcome to my newest follower - yay I'm at 29!!  Well I guess that's it for today - hope you have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!!


  1. I love the black table and the knob on the draw is excellent! I love refurbishing old furniture. Just did an island table in my kitchen using chalk paint and I love it. You enjoy the Labor Day weekend as well. We have no plans at all so I guess we'll just kick back and relax!

  2. Your table is as cute as can be! I love tables with longer legs...there is a lot you can do with them! I buy my frames at the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Then I just sand them and repaint them.Sometimes I find a good antique one for a decent price at an antique shop. I frame my stitched pieces myself. A lady taught me about 35 years ago how to frame and I've been doing it ever since. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  3. What a cute little stool. I didn't know you were in Alaska! I tried the sausage&biscuit chips and thought they tasted pretty close. Mark didn't like them. That house design is gorgeous.

  4. I love the table and the stool. Scott is a wonder with the framing!!! I do hope you have some pretty leaves when you company comes. Your part of the world can be very pretty in the Fall. We tried the peanut butter candy corn, not very good. I didn't think it tasted like peanut butter or candy corn. I will have to give it to my little neighbor kids! Have a relaxing labor day!

  5. The tables are nice.
    The framed piece is so pretty, but yes, you DO save a lot of money if you can do it yourself.
    Scott is good at it!
    We tried the Reuben chips, they were good, just like a Reuben.
    I saw the chicken and waffles kind, but that doesn't even sound good. lol
    Haven't tried any of the new M&M flavors, just don't sound appealing.
    Why can't they just leave good alone? lol
    Have a great weekend.

  6. How great that Scott can make and frame your finishes--they all look wonderful!! And the table you brought back to life is so great--just love the fox pull on it.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. You're so lucky that Scott can frame your pieces for you -- and he does excellent work! The tables look awesome. I love bringing a piece of furniture back to life with refinishing or paint. Haven't tried any of the chip flavors or the M&M flavors.