Monday, September 28, 2015


Hello ~
I totally missed the total eclipse - darn it! I will be 63 when the next one happens.  I did get a lovely picture of the moon this morning.
Scott finished the hutch this weekend. I'm really happy with it!!




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He thought about painting the drawer black but we might like it the way it is. He sanded off all the damaged parts, painted it then used antiquing wax and replaced the back with - I believe it's called wainscoting. I love the new back!! Saturday night we rearranged the kitchen - it's so clean and organized right now!! I was surprised at how much expired stuff I had. I love it!
The subdivision we live in has an annual garage sale day - we didn't go last year but this year we drove around to see if there were any good things. Mostly clothes so we didn't stop at too many of them. We did manage to find a fabulous rocking chair for 20 bucks!!
I also got a collapsible tote bag for $4.
Scott couldn't understand why I was so excited - I have wanted one forever and they are just too expensive, but $4 I can do!!We went into town to get coffee and decided to stop at one of the shops in town that has fun junk. We got this adorable stool for $10!!
ohh you can see the wall where the hutch ended up!!
and a cabinet for $25!!
I thought it would be great in the master bath but I thought it was medicine cabinet sized - sitting out with other furniture I didn't realize that it is HUGE!! Scott put it in the bathroom - I will get used to it but the bathroom has been empty for 2 years and now has this monster cabinet in there!!
big enough to hold two rows of toilet paper!!
It holds all my lotion - Scott would say that is amazing because I have a lot! It's a lovely cabinet and a great price!!
I haven't worked much on the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Church
I have to redo the top snowflake because I have to fit three more beads at the top???? I counted right so maybe my snowflakes are bigger - I don't know. I'll make it work.
 Hold on to your hats - I gotta complain......I had to have x-rays on my foot - thought I broke it. I dropped a metal pumpkin on it weeks ago and it just hurts more and more. Turns out nothing is wrong with it (guess it's my imagination) and my doctor (who is a moron and I won't be going back to her) said rest it and wear good shoes. She didn't actually tell me that - her nurse did THREE days after my X-ray and I had to call twice to get them to call me back. I don't think that the shoes will help but I don't want to go to a podiatrist so I will wait and see if it gets better. I read on the internet (which gives better information than the doctor) to take an anti-inflammatory and put heat on it.Which the cat loves!!
I am frustrated with her because every test I do I have to call her to find out results and get more information. She never calls me back and she wants to give me pain pills instead of information.  Every time I go to see her - like for a sore throat - she says "had your mammogram yet?" Really? I have strep and I feel awful but please - can we talk about my boobs? BTW I did get my mammogram this morning - damn that hurts. I felt sorry for the little tech that had to lug my boobs around. I wonder if she is considering a career change after this morning. You never realize how floppy those things are until someone is trying to wrangle them into a boob squisher.
My other complaint is - the Walmart eye doctor (yep, them again - yes, I should have known that it was Walmart and I shouldn't go to a Walmart eye quack - er doctor) I thought it was odd a year and a half ago that she really changed my prescription but she put me in new contacts that were uncomfortable and made my eyes tired so I was focused on that. So, of course I was really having trouble seeing up close because the far away vision was too high. I just thought it was part of getting older and bought reader glasses to stitch with - no big deal. I went to a different eye doctor on Friday and she had to change my prescription lower - so now I don't have super human vision. It's hard getting used to regular vision but in the long run it will be better for me. I wish I could go to Colorado for all my medical needs - my doctors there are not stupid. Doctors aren't the only annoying thing in Indiana - I could tell you about Indiana drivers but I don't have all day.  
Scott is going on a business trip. I don't like being in this house alone at night.
I still haven't heard from either of the schools. Killin' me....
Okay - I'm done complaining. That wasn't so bad.
My family will be here in less than two weeks!! YAY!! I'm super excited about it - I have to go to school two of the days they are here because I have two tests but I have tons of brochures of fun things to do around here and I don't always have to be there when people have fun, I guess.
Well, I better get to my school work. Have a good week - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful hutch and GREAT finds!! You lucky Girl, you!!

  2. What a great transformation!! I love it!!

  3. WOW!!! You found some great, great treasures! I love the bathroom cupboard and the moon stool is just gorgeous!!! Your husband did a fantastic job on the looks just beautiful!! Isn't great finding something for next to nothing and then being able to transform it! Have a great day...and have fun with your family visit!

  4. The hutch turned out great.

    Nice thrifty finds, also! I didn't know those collapsible baskets are expensive. LOL, my old employer gave us one last year. Mine is in the basement. I've never used it. What do you use them for?

    Hope your foot feels better. Umm.. I don't know what's worse, the mammo tech lugging around huge boobs are in my case, trying to squeeze my tiny ones into the machine.

  5. The Hutch turned out so pretty.
    Love that footstool.
    Hope your foot gets better.
    It sounds like you and I have the same type of doctor.
    Last year I was in for Pneumonia, and the nurse kept asking about my Mammogram!
    Sheesh! I couldn't have felt any worse, that was the last thing on my mind. lol

  6. Wow, I love how the hutch turned out. Also love that new cabinet and stool too. My daughter broke her foot a couple of years ago. We went to the ER, they did the xrays & all the bloodwork needed for some reason. The ER doctor said it was just a sprain but since she was leaving early the next morning for a 2 week youth trip to boundary waters in Minnesota, she should get a good pair of hiking boots to support the foot. She left the next morning which was a Saturday. On Monday, our family doctor called to inform us that she actually had a fracture that needed to be set by an ortho. There was no way to contact her in Minnesota because it was so remote. Turned out ok though because that good pair of hiking boots actually kept her foot stabilized.

    Yep, those mammograms hurt! I had a great tech the last time I had mine and it really made it so much better.

    Hope you find out about the nursing program soon.

  7. Loved reading your post - made me smile. :) blessings, marlene