Monday, September 21, 2015

Plum Street Sampler Tarts

A warm welcome to my newest followers - I'm up to 33!! Yay!!
I have some finishes to show you - my own and some fun stuff Scott has been working on. Mine first - since I gave the blog a specific title I will start there. The first one is Olga's Tart As I mentioned before I changed the colors on my tarts - not because I didn't like the charted ones but because I didn't have them and didn't want to spend the money. I was able to match pretty closely - I thought - turns out mine were darker. (If you like the colors I used I can email you a list.) I had decided not to stripe the cat - or the pumpkin. I wish my black thread had been more variegated. I stitched the pumpkin then decided that it really did need the stripes. I stitched over the existing stitches because I am too lazy to restitch the whole pumpkin. I had also missed the quilt square on the pumpkin - yep stitched it over the stitches. I don't think you can tell. I left off the lighter moon color too - and one of the flowers that was on the moon since I thought it looked like a pucker mark on the moon haha. I went to do the finishing and I had trouble with the directions. I couldn't figure out if the removable part of the tin needed to be left inside the finish.
this loaded weirdly - sorry about that
I left a message on the Plum Street blog but never got a response. I also left one on the Facebook page - no response. Someone else posted a finish that looked right and I asked them - they said no they did not put the piece inside. So I finished my tart without the piece inside.
aren't the pins cute!?!?
I am afraid I wasn't very fond of the way it looked once it was together. I couldn't get the smooth flat look that the pattern picture had. I went on to the Birthday Tart. Again different colors - no changes to the pattern. I was watching a movie and not paying attention and stitched her P onto mine - HA. I took it out and put a J. When I finished it I used a ruler to mark an inch from each side so my circle would be right - also I used the removable piece to draw a circle on the felt to get it the right size.
 I was really having a hard time getting the shape right for the tart- so I put the tin piece inside and darn it if it didn't make it look right!!
more cute pins!
So I went back and put the tin piece inside the cat tart - looks so much better.
This is what the bottom looks like since the tart piece is now inside
I guess it's a matter of what works for you - you can put the tin in or not. Scott suggested making a cardboard piece that matches the tin and put that inside instead. I think it pulls the fabric the right way and makes the padding sit right too.I absolutely love these tins - great idea!! I put the cat on the table Scott refinished! Love it!
I am now making the Victoria Sampler Gingerbread Church. I already have the steeple roof pieces stitched - just waiting for my micro buttons to come in the mail!
Years ago I bought a felt panel pattern - I don't remember who did the pattern though. There were three patterns and the display was a metal rack type thingy. I didn't buy the display rack and I only made two of the panels. Scott didn't know what he was going to do with them. He was driving through a small Indiana town and saw a place selling barn wood and came up with this idea
Isn't that cute!! It's unique and I love it! The pictures can be changed if we want to - what a smart guy!! Scott has been a busy bee making a frame for the Orchard Valley Quilting Bee but I can't show it to you yet - ohhh the suspense!! I can't wait to see it finished. The other project he has been working on is a Broyhill hutch (I think that's what they are called?) from my mom's house. It had been in the barn and had some water damage. It has been in the garage since we got back because it was a little smelly. Scott sanded off all the yucky parts - painted it and is going to use antiquing wax on it. You have to wait until next time though - it's still being worked on!!  I love that guy - he has a magic touch!!
I forgot to mention that I finally found the biscuits and gravy chips - it's crazy how they make chips taste just like something else - in this case sausage! They are not bad but my favorite is still truffle! I also broke down and bought the candy corn m&m's - I love them. they taste like caramel - mmmm. I saw pumpkin spice latte m&m's but I'm not sure I'm up for that. I'm still waiting to see if I got in the nursing program - killing me. School is fine - seems like 16 weeks is a really long time after my 8 week class - sheesh. Well, I'm off to study. Hope you have a lovely day.


  1. The Tarts turned out cute, thanks for the hints.
    I have Olga to stitch.
    That Barnwood shelf is too cute!
    He sure does have a talent.
    Can't wait to see the Gingerbread Church.

  2. Your tarts look just wonderful to me!!!That Scott never ceases to amaze! Hope you hear very good news soon!!!!!

  3. I love these tarts--how nice that you and your husband can work together to finish your finishes so nicely :)

  4. The tarts are cute. Thanks for the tips and heads up on where to get the larger tart pans. The barn board shelf turned out really well. How did you attach the stitching so that it's removable?

  5. Love the tarts and pins. So cute! Can't wait to see the hutch and the Orchard Valley Quilting Bee framed. Hope you hear soon about the nursing program.

  6. Oh my, I am so very sorry I didn't see your question on my blog or Facebook page. I'm afraid sometimes I'm not as attentive to them as I should be, and for that, I apologize. Your tins look fantastic - as do your other finishes! And yes, I do include the bottom portion inside the tart pan. :) Beautiful work!