Monday, September 14, 2015

wonderful weather

Hasn't it been lovely - open windows and cool evenings!! I sleep so much better when the room is cold and I have heavy blankets!
First let me welcome my newest followers - I'm up to 31!!! I feel like Sally Field - "You like me, you really like me" HA!!
I have some lovely frames to show you - I recently stitched Blackbird Inn by Little House Needleworks. We really liked the frame on the cover of the pattern but when I tried to find the company online I found out they retired from frame making. Scott decided to try making one!! I've been so excited for him to finish it so I could show you!!
 Isn't it lovely?!?!? If you look on the design you can see there is red under the black - in person it is really pretty!
He even put paper on the back like he does on traditional frames! Here are two before pictures. He cut the frame from a single piece of wood - I love it!!

He also framed this "Welcome" I can't even tell you who the designer is. It was a kit from a cross stitch catalog. 
Here is the frame before he re-sized and painted it blue.

 He also framed this - he was nervous about framing this because of the Hardanger - Looks great!
 Joy frame before re-sizing

 The hinge is on my hoop basket!! It's funny how different the two inside fabrics look on the picture because in person they match fabulously - weird.
 I finished the Needlework Shop by Victoria Sampler. I had some trouble with the roof because I cut the corners too close, damn it! Also I stitched everything one direction except the part that says "needlework shop" so it was shorter than the rest. I was able to stretch it to fit but I think that is why the lip has the raised section on the end. I also have one window that is crooked but it will be up on a shelf so hopefully nobody will see the flaws. I said I would take pictures but really my pictures looked just like the ones in the pattern that show you how to put it together. The directions are great - only thing I did different is I photocopied the actual stitching for the roof pieces so I would get the cardboard pieces  the right size on the first try. She has that as one of the directions in one of her patterns, but I'm not sure which.

I'm still working on Olga's Tart by Plum Street Samplers. I changed some stuff but you will have to wait until next time to see the finished product. Next will he Plum Street Sampler birthday tart.
Ryder is trying to get into SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) next semester. That means he will be 8 hours away instead of 20. That means he would be able to come home for the holidays much easier!! I'm excited for him to go to a new school - the one he is at has turned out to be a disappointment. They charge too much and are cutting back the departments that he needs to graduate. SCAD has been in he news a lot lately because the students move on to do fabulous things! 
I was trying to think of other things I've done - nothing! We haven't done much outside the house. Last weekend I helped mow - that is a full contact sport at this house! The hills, the humidity - ugh. So I guess that is it for today - thanks for stopping by. I hope you are having lovely weather at your house!


  1. Your husband is pretty talented! Those frames all look good. I like chatty blogs and you're chatty, lol! The House is gorgeous. Looks great from here!

  2. I am so happy for you that Ryder is going to SCAD. My son was stationed in Savannah. You will love that place. If it were not so very HOT in the summer, I might have retired there. I fell absolutely in love with that city! The old homes are to die for. During the Civil War, when Sherman got to Savannah (after burning most of the South) he said to Pres. Lincoln, " iIam making a Christmas gift of Savannah to you." (or something like that. All your stitching looks beautiful in Scott's frames. What a talented guy you have there!

  3. How nice to have your own framer!

  4. The frames are all great, Scott does a great job.
    Joy is soooo pretty.
    Your hoop basket turned out nice too.
    Great job on the VS piece, it looks awesome!

  5. Wow!! As always, there is plenty of lovely stitching but also some wonderful frames :) I simply love that little hoops box!!! And the little shop finish is just fantastic.

  6. Oh, I'm so impressed with your husband's framing (and your stitching!). Just love your framed finishes :)

  7. Love all of your finishes!!! Beautiful stitching and framing!

  8. Beautiful stitching....and framing!! So creative!