Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Howdy folks,
 When I make a grocery list I do a week menu at the same time - sometimes I don't do it right though! I put what I needed for this recipe on the list - I put "chicken", thinking that I would have the good sense to know what I was talking about. Well, it turns out that I didn't. I bought thin sliced boneless skinless breasts instead. Lucky for me I did buy 1.5 pounds because they didn't have a smaller portion. I decided to make it anyway. I wanted to make the fantastic roasted Parmesan green beans so I put the oven at 400. I cooked the chicken 8 minutes - added the beans for 10 - shake them and cook 5 more. Dinner was done - and fabulous!! If you make the green beans - double the beans and Parmesan but NOT the oil. Add spices by sight. You will thank me later because you will want extra - they are soo good. Here is the chicken recipe - it was originally in a  Weight Watchers magazine but when I looked for it I found it on a blog called Make a whisk. I can't vouch for the site because that is the only recipe I've looked at - but anyway  -  oven-fried chicken with sage gravy.  It turned out so good. There were six breasts in the package and it's a meal for 4. I made it for five so Scott and I could have it for lunch (Ryder ate with us)  so I cut up the smallest breast and added a little to all the others. I might have to make this again next week - nothing better than fabulous "fried" chicken!!
That is all - have a good evening!

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