Sunday, February 24, 2013

new frame

Scott made a new frame for one of my pictures - he also distressed it after painting - I love it!!
Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks
Here is the frame detail

and here is the wall it went on. I love this picture because you can see the wall in my kitchen plus some of  my chickens!!
Scott got the little shelf thing in Estes Park - it isn't holding anything right now - so cute!
I guess I should tell you what those pictures are
My Dwelling Place - Little House Needleworks
Tempest in a Teacup - free by Teresa Wentzler
Blackbird House Zipper Kit by Bent Creek
The rooster penny rug came out of a library book - sorry no idea!!
The kid picture  is in a magazine I have and I can see what it is if you want to know - I'll even tell you the issue and everything. Email if you want to know!


  1. I love that wall in your kitchen!!

  2. That is a damn fine looking wall. Love you! Me