Sunday, February 3, 2013


Howdy folks,
Hope you all had a nice weekend! I had a good weekend. On Thursday I slept 4 hours after work. Got my stitches out - woo hoo!! Looks good - will look better as the days go by. I did all my boring house cleaning and grocery shopping. Scott and I went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes - it made Scott sick. He was sick all Friday with a stomach ache. Poor guy. 
On Friday I put together a letterboxing day for us in Boulder. So we went letterboxing on Saturday! Let me say this about Boulder people - they are fecally irresponsible - dog poo every place on trails. Some of them pick it up and leave the bags on the trail - niiice. Plus - trails in Boulder are dogs on leash - but these jerks have theirs off leash and they just let their stinky ugly dogs come right over and sniff you - rude! Next time I am taking my kids - I will make them poop on the trail and approach every person they see and get in their space. I'm sure my kids wont go for this - maybe a cattle prod would be more effective anyway. 
We hiked this one hike (can't tell you where - secret!) I thought I was gonna DIE. It was 1.15 miles to where we needed to be - when we got there the thing we were after was frozen to the ground and could not be budged. I was so mad. It takes a lot to get this large woman up a steep trail for 1.15 miles!! I think it has a 2500 foot gain - but we didn't go all the way to the top, so I can't take credit for the whole gain. Today I am sore - for nothing I might add. I did find a fun app for my droid - Runkeeper. It tells you how far you have gone, how long it is taking, estimated time for a mile and calories burned. So I can tell you that it took us 1:04:04 hours to make a 2.32 mile round trip and I burned 411 calories. Cool - right! I am sure I will use it again. We now have found 795 boxes!! 
I love that man!
We went to Lollicup - LOVE IT!! I got almond milk tea with green apple jelly and Scott got a peach snow. We ate some dumplings but they are not worth mentioning. The drinks are so fun!! The green apple jelly was so flavorful! I want to go there all the time!!
Fun drinks!

big straws - so you can "drink" the jelly!
I finally got the "craft packs' ready - by that I mean I have a calendar and I am trying to make sure I do all my crafts in a week so they all get done eventually, because.... I would never finish the knitting project I have started if I never get to it so I have c1 which is the cross stitch I am always working on, c2 knit or crochet, c3 hand quilting. c4 my huge Santa project. and c5 the quilt on the rack. I try to get all five in on one week then I have two "free" days and I can work on any of the packs. Yeah - anal I know. I also have one for working out - w1 elliptical  w2 treadmill, w3 yoga, w4 bike and w5 weights because hiking makes me realize that just doing the elliptical is not enough - my legs hurt like hell. Gotta get this stuff done.
  On Sunday I put a new quilt on my rack. My Gram made this - don't know the name of the pattern but I will try to find it. She did such beautiful work I hope I don't ruin it with my quilting!! 
I put my buttons in a cute container
I tried to figure out what these pieces go to - I got a lot of my Gram's quilt things after she left us. Problem is they have been coming to me in small batches for the last ten years - with no matching fabric or pattern. I am not creative enough to just make stuff - I have to follow a pattern. 
Here is something I got of hers once - I had the fabric for it too but could not find the pattern - the small plain white triangles in the corners of the dark blue make it not match any pattern anywhere. So, I just made a single wall quilt - pretty!

and I Valentined the door to my craft room! Yes, I left the crow on there - love it! 
Don't forget to look at our new listings on ebay  stb90125 That is all. I am back at work. Hope you have a lovely dog poo free week!!


  1. We have a walk that has similar problems. People pay no attention to the dogs and there is a leash rule!! go figure!! A very pretty quilt!! Plus those drinks look great!

  2. Enjoy letterboxing! I just started boxing with my boyfriend in August! We are having a good time! Too bad on the dog poo...I hate the irresponsible dog owners! Good luck with the quilting!