Sunday, February 17, 2013


Howdy folks,
Hope you had a nice weekend. I sure did. We mostly hung out at home. Went to dinner with our friends - Al and Joanie. For Valentine's Day we had gone to dinner and a movie the week before but on Valentine's Day when I got home from work at 620 am Scott had made heart-shaped french toast with cherry sauce and berries - plus he got me roses. Scott is wonderful!!

My Valentine!!

 Scott made chicken broth - he ended up with 12.5 quarts. That will last me a month or so! 

Scott made more bread - he didn't like the way the last bread turned out - it had a big air pocket in it. It still tasted fabulous. He didn't like the way the new bread turned out either - says the crust is too crunchy and the bread is too dense. Again, I like it - a little butter and Bon Maman fig preserves - fantastic! I think Scott should have a cooking and framing blog - but he doesn't really have time because he is so busy!
I finished the snow section of the bottom of  Jingle Bells Tree Farm I started on the left and went down to the bottom. Then I started on the top right - did they match up? Hell no! Only one thread off - but I had to undo the top right section and started from the bottom. There are two stitches that don't match up but it's in the falling snow part so nobody will notice. I am so close to being done!!!

We have been using the dishcloths I made - boy are they silly looking. When they get wet they stretch out into odd shapes - knitting may not be for me. I am afraid to make a scarf - wonder what shape it will be!! I should take a picture - weird! 
Scott made tacos with flank steak and his fantastic salsa for dinner tonight - he sure is a good cooker!! ha! 
Scott and the cat may be tired of me taking pictures of them - oh well - they should stop being so cute. 
Have a good week! Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!! 


  1. I'm catching up on blog reading. Congratulations on your award. I can't imagine how stressful that must have been.

    Tree Farm looks fabulous. Only you will ever know there's any difference from what was charted. I'm looking forward to seeing your finish soon.

    Funny story. I'm typing this on my phone but on the web version. I put down my phone for a minute to talk to my daughter and saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought there was a bug or spider running across my phone. It was one of the falling hearts, but it freaked me out there for a second. Lol

  2. Scott is definitely a keeper! His Valentine's meal sounded delicious! My motto is, Avoid frogging whenever possible. I only rip out when it will make a visible difference in my project!! Your Jingle Bells Tree Farm is going to be beautiful!