Monday, March 11, 2013


So, last week I made something with orange roughy - I had never eaten that before and I loved it!! So I got on Skinnytaste and looked for mild white fish recipes. I found this one - broiled tilapia with Thai coconut curry. I used tilapia though because it's about $2 less a pound and this recipe called for 2.25 pounds!!

My sauce doesn't look like hers - hmm wonder why! It was really good. I served it with jasmine rice and acorn squash (can't see the squash, but you can see my ginger ale and bourbon cherry drink mmmmm). You could make it with chicken if you are not a fish eater. The sauce is really fabulous!!
I also made some flavored waters..... lemon water with fresh mint I also put some cucumber slices in mine. Well I strained it at the right time but we left some of the pieces in which made it WAY to cucumbery!! Next time - no cucumber for me. Scott thought cucumber and basil would be good but after all this cucumber - I may pass on that one!
I also saw that you can make banana ice cream with just bananas - too good to be true! Nope, it isn't - it really can be done and here is the link banana ice cream. Now, a few things.... really do freeze the banana slices separately because they are a beast to get apart. I used a little milk but you can use water or nothing. I ended up moving everything to my Ninja because I had a hard time using the blender. It is like banana ice cream - crazy!!
I had an epic fail (other than the over-cucumber water) When we go to Ohio we go to the West Side Market in Cleveland. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!! One of the things I always get is dried strawberries. They are not all hard dried fruit, they are like fruit gummies - like this picture I found online.
Dried Strawberries
I found a recipe for strawberries dried in the oven and the picture looks like the ones I love. So I tried it and....
yuck! I will just have to buy extra in Ohio this year!!
Have a good food week!!

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