Sunday, March 31, 2013


Howdy folks,
Had another nice weekend. On Friday we went to a Nuggets game. We were in the "fall to your death" section formerly known as "nose bleed". We watched until half time - or whatever they call it and then left. It was fun - people watching was super fun!!

They have this Nugget player body - they also have hockey but we didn't get that one!! We saw a retired player and I did take a picture but since I don't know who it was I won't embarrassmyself by posting it!!!
Afterwards we ate at Blue Bonnet Restaurant in Denver. The green chili is pretty good. 
Saturday Scott made spaghetti sauce - and ziti. I love that dish!! He makes a lot and we freeze it for other meals.  We ended up back in Denver in the afternoon. I got a Denver library card - YAY!! I now have four library cards. Scott has five - I must get catch up!! We went and had a cup of coffee at my favorite place - The Larimer Market! Sunday - scrumptious!! 
Tonight was the season premier of "Game of Thrones" - Woooo hooooo!!! Sadly, it is also the season finale of "The Walking Dead" - booooo!! I only had time to watch GoT before I had to come to work - double boo!! 
That is all folks! Hope you have a good week!! 

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  1. What a fun sounding week-end and a fun photo!