Friday, March 22, 2013

whining and wine

Good morning!
About whining.... I know - weird time for me but I was home sick Wednesday night so I am fully on a day schedule until Sunday when I have to switch back to nights - ugh. Boy, did I feel like ick last week - all week really. I had a hard time making it through every night with a sore throat, stuffy nose and a headache. Finally on Wednesday I decided I couldn't do another night. I stayed home - lots of chloroseptic spray, neosporin in my ears (don't try that at home) and saline spray in the sinus area - plus some ibuprofen and I slept for a full night. I am finally feeling better - last night I slept 10 hours whew! We wont be doing much this weekend. It is suppose to snow - I've been sick and we were gone last weekend. I will get a ton of stitching done - I expect to get that thread I was missing in the mail today!! I already got the fabric I ordered. I tea dyed it - the picture doesn't do it justice...
I am so excited about how it turned out that I can't wait to start it. I got it for "Orchard Valley Quilting Bee" by Little House Needleworks sooo excited!! First I have to finish the first two months of Little Sheep Virtues I almost have the first one done "Hope" - I am making two sets though, so darn it!! Also, did you see the mason jar pin cushion in the May 2013 issue of Cross-stitch & Needlework? Ahhhhdorable!! It would make a cute Mother's Day gift....
About wine ..... Now, I am no wine drinker. I am hardly a drinker at all. I am what you might call - *gasp* a low-taster - when it comes to wine. (someone had to say it) But, I know what I like. It is sweet wine. It makes me grumpy when the description says - "taste the berries, soft caramels and woody taste of this fine wine" and it tastes like varnish (not that I've tasted varnish) So, I kept away from wine but Scott wanted me to be able to have wine with dinner so I did get turned onto some wine that is worth drinking. My favorite right now is Villa M

it is sweet and bubbly. Yes, it has a twist off lid - but it is from Italy!! Most of the wines I like are $16 a bottle. Last night we tried
it's a tart cherry wine from Carlson Vineyards in Palisade Colorado. My uncle Joel lives in Grand Junction and he is the reason I know about Carlson!  My favorite of theirs is  Laughing Cat Sweet Baby Red  - I almost didn't taste this one because red wine is always bitter - no matter what anybody says!! Not this one - sweet and fantastic!! 
Another one I like is
This really has a caramel taste to it - so rich and sweet -Adesso Romagna Cagnina Dolce -  they don't have a website so this page is a fact sheet. Also made in Italy from 100% Refosco grapes (whatever that means). I also like the apple wine from The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey yum!! I hope to go there this year when we visit the Royal Gorge and do a little wine tasting!! I am sure there are a few more that I like - Scott should leave a comment on his favorite! I think it's white Zinfandel but I can't remember the brand.... 
That is all folks - hope you have a good week and at least one glass of good wine!!

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  1. I'm super excited to try these!!!! Thanks :)