Sunday, March 17, 2013


I had a wonderful weekend - I hope all of you did as well!! I did all the boring stuff - cleaned my house, did my grocery shopping, laundry - you know blah blah!! 
added spring blossoms to my entertainment center

and easter eggs to my tree
Saturday we went to Colorado Springs to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo I am generally not a fan of zoos but this one isn't bad. The most exciting thing - and the reason we went - is the giraffes. You can FEED them!!! 

beautiful animals!

no kisses


They don't like to be touched

this one licked Scott's head and eye!! 

They are amazing!!! We also got the Budgies..
I love feeding the birds
I got to hold a corn snake
meet Clementine
I saw otters
this one kept peeking to see if we left - nope!

she has a baby on her back

There is something about the gorillas - their eyes are haunting. Their enclosure was like a display case - the thing I hate about zoos! The other parts of the zoo have nice habitat-type homes.
I think they captured a house cat....

I was attacked by a bear..
ok - so it wasn't a real bear!

We went to the The Shrine of the Sun
above the zoo 

93 steps away

you can hardly see me at the bottom!! 

we are 8136 feet above Colorado Springs
We did some hiking

and got caught in a storm - neat!! Those darn clouds had been hanging over the mountains all day but when we get 34 a mile out it decides to move - snow, rain and wind!! We made it back to the car - nice and soggy!! We went to Great Storm Brewing I had a plain ol root beer Scott had a rum raisin beer - yep rum raisin. He loved it - it was pretty dark and sweet. We tried to buy some to take home but they said it would be flat by the time we got it there - they are working on a solution. We did buy two glasses there though. 
We ended up in Denver at the Cherry Cricket  not realizing it was St Patrick's day - well the day before. We were there in time for the Irish dancers
sorry so dark - it's a bar!

To round off the day we made faces at each other and giggled like school girls - 
he started it....

so I had to give back the one crossed eye thing...

we are happy - well he is 

I am tired!!
We had a wonderful day!! I slept like the dead!!
My own wild animal 
looks so sweet 

but moves in

to grab me!

 I hope you all had a great weekend! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful week-end. The giraffes were amazing!