Sunday, March 10, 2013


I will start today's post off with a finish!! Woo Hoo!!
Bear Tree Forest by Little House Needleworks
Now I am working on cRows a Fine Day and the companion piece Autumn Bliss by Bent Creek. My mom and I went cross stitch store hopping on Friday. We had lunch at some Mexican food place  - we had a good time. There is one shop in town that I think I am done shopping at. The owner is not very friendly - she never has been - lots of people have commented on it. Also, she never has any patterns I am looking for - they are usually pretty new ones. When she orders stuff for you - it takes weeks and weeks!! I will either use 123Stitch or go to A Stitching Shop from now on. So, we went to A Stitching Shop. I got two patterns Orchard Valley Quilting Bee and  February sheep  from Little House Needleworks. For the sheep - I am not using the buttons. I cut a bunch of fabric for them - I will be making them into pillows and displaying them in a basket. I may even make two sets. Half of them are tea dyed - looks better in person.
My family and I went to the awards ceremony that I mentioned in another post. It was much more formal than I expected. I like that the award says "For demonstrating exceptional initiative while performing an expected function in an exceptional manner" makes me feel better about it since it says I was doing my job. They gave out lots of awards to officers, a few citizens and two dispatchers. They had cake - my mom came too!. After the ceremony Mom came over for dinner and cake - because I am a horrible daughter!! She turned 30 (for the second time) January 6th and I just had her cake and presents. I know - I already admitted I am horrible!! 
Saturday Scott and I went to Ft Collins - on US passport day - and did all the paperwork to get passports - woo hoo!! We will have them in 6-8 weeks!! It was snowing like crazy off and on - we still managed to pick up two letterboxes!  It was a nice day!! 
On Sunday Scott made breakfast. He baked bacon, scrambled some eggs and made biscuits. Damn it, I love that man!! 

and he sure is cute!!
On Sunday we read the paper. Scott works on his projects. I stitch. I always have to sleep in the middle of the day for about three hours because I have to be at work at 8pm. So, it feels short. So I am skipping to - dinner. Scott also made dinner!
He made fried halibut. When we lived in Alaska we had fresh fish - the fish here doesn't even compare. We don't fry many foods so when we do we also make mushrooms, onion rings and zucchini. Fabulous food!! Scott makes a wonderful beer batter and his world famous tartar sauce (not really world famous but it should be!!) I love when Scott cooks because he also cleans up when he's done/ He takes the knobs off the stove and really gets the place clean. This time? This time......

Yep, he pulled out the stove and washed the floor. No- you can not have him he is all mine!! He told me that if this ended up on my blog he would never read my blog again - then he relented. At least he doesn't have plumbers crack! He did slam his thumb in the oven door and got a nasty gash right by the bend- so no  
stitches! Looked very painful! I won't show pictures of that - ick! 
Well, I guess that is all I know. I will post a cooking post tomorrow - guess I typed it up last week and didn't post it - sheesh!!  There are a few patterns for sale on ebay stb90125 not a ton of them though - there will be more patterns soon. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week!! 

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  1. Congratulations on your finish!! Boy, Scott is quite the cook! By the way, I agree with you about nasty shop owners!!