Sunday, April 14, 2013

22 years and moving

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did! Scott and I celebrated our 22ndwedding anniversary!! We went to The Vietnamese Cafe - one of my all time favorite restaurants!! I had a combo noodle bowl and Scott had seafood curry - oooohhhh myyyyy goodnessss - fabulous!! I tried their Thai boba tea - delicious!!  Then we went to the movies - not worth mentioning what we saw because it was dumb. Scott bought me a Vera Bradley bag while he was in Indiana! It is wonderful - he bought it for me to use as a lunch bag. It is a ........diaper bag! He is right though - all the pockets are great for a lunch bag. I work 10 hours so I eat two meals at work. The pockets hold my tea bags, salt, cream for tea, whatever I need - great idea!! Plus - it's Vera Bradley!!

So, the Indiana trip..... We are moving to Indiana!! Scott got a great job offer. Scott used to work for this truck parts place - (big trucks) and he has worked hard for years and knows lots of people in the industry. When he left the that place (they are the reason we came back from Alaska, they called and asked him to come back) everyone thought he had a good job and left it at that. Well, the job he has now is less than stellar and they are not taking advantage of his abilities. Scott applied for a property and evidence job at a police station, he had to have the gm of the old place fill out a questionnaire for the application. The gm from the old place mentioned him to the new job's gm and they were excited to meet with him - offered him a great deal! I know I am being vague but it doesn't do any good to trash talk the old places. I will stay here for 6 months - we will be able to pay off some bills and when I move I won't need to make this much money! Six months away from Scott will be horrible - just horrible but we have to do it because it will put us in a better place financially  Which is good because dispatch in Indianapolis gets paid less than half of what I make - I will not do this job for that much less - noooo way!! Especially nights, weekends and holidays - nope.
 I am so excited!! Next year once I am there and settled in we will go on a trip once a month - driving distance to someplace new - there are so many cool places close to Indiana!! Plus, we are going to go to other state's letterboxing meets - woo hoo!! I would like to see the cherry blossoms next year!! We are going to visit Scott's grandma in Ohio - so much fun!!
Ryder may or may not be going with us. He has some decisions to make.  Taylor hasn't lived with us for years, she was talking about going to Georgia for school but I haven't talked to her in weeks- literally.
Hope you all have a new adventure on the horizon!! Have a good week!


  1. Sounds like a plan! Not easy to move, but obviously worth it. Good luck!

  2. Such good news! We lived in Louisville , KY for many years and took lots of trips to Indiana. It has lots of fun things to do. We loved Brown County!! In the far northern part , the dunes along Lake Michigan are beautiful. I have had to live away from my DH at times. You will hate it but in the end , we always thought it was the right decision. Good luck to you both!