Wednesday, April 10, 2013

stitchy issues

Hello folks,
The blizzard we were expecting turned out to just be some blowy snow - no big deal at all. Scott had to fly home over it - and almost had to stay in Indiana another night. He made it home by the hair on his chiny chin chin but his bag was two hours behind him - grrrr. Poor guy just wants to be home. I do actually have stuff to say about that trip but I am not ready to tell the tale yet - it will be told though so stand by.
My stitchy issues are this.... I tea dyed a piece of 28 ct fabric to make 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate and I started to stitch it. I thought the fabric might be too light but my dear husband said he didn't think so. I kept stitching and decided it was just too light - I had even changed the 712 to white.
you can hardly see the snow in the box....
So I bought a new piece of off white fabric (who wants to rip all that out? Not moi!) I tea dyed it - it was darker than the piece above but just not dark enough. I failed you and did not take a picture of it. This morning I made stronger tea and soaked it another 6 hours.
The bottom one is the one with stitching already - top one is the one that I just dyed. It isn't as dark as the pattern but it is pretty dark.
Not a great picture but that's better.
My stitching buddy. I haven't been in my chair much with work and Scott gone - so the whole time I stitched today he sat with me and purred. Poor guy is lonely.

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  1. So glad your DH made it home. I think the darker fabric is great. The white shows up on it very well.