Monday, April 22, 2013


We went to Starfest this weekend - we go every year. Scott and Ryder are always getting autographs of people from Star Wars and Star Trek. People dress in crazy costumes! This year they didn't have anybody good from either show and not as many costumes. We still had a good time though!!
I MET MELISSA MCBRIDE!!!! She plays Carol on The Walking Dead!!!

She talked to me for a few minutes - I asked her if she made her hat and she said no. We talked about where she got it - so when she signed my picture she put - Hats off! HA!!!
She was so nice!! I even went back to ask her about the reoccurring zombie - I see him in almost every episode and he has been killed several times. She acted like she didn't know what I was talking about - really. I am positive somebody knows about him though!! Starfest always has great costumes - people work on these things for awhile - it's obvious. Like this crazy head - the guy made it himself!!
Awesome!! People of all ages get in the fun!!
Doc Ock from Spiderman
Guy Fawkes
Weeping Angels from Dr Who

smaller Weeping Angels

one of Scott's new shirts

This KNITTED dragon has 7.5 miles of yarn!! AMAZING. He is as tall as I am!!

 Usually I have a ton of pictures of a red-faced Ryder with half naked girls but like I said there just weren't that many costumes this year. I got some fun cat contacts in the dealer's room!
The have balconies in the hotel and people who are at Starfest always decorate their balcony - not so many this year but they did have a Walking Dead one - and if you watch the show you know who this guy is...

 There are two conventions this year we wish we were going to - Chicago will have most of the Star Trek TNG actors and so will the Vegas convention. Maybe someday we will get to go to those!! I need more Walking Dead autographs though!!
Live Long and Prosper!

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  1. That looks like fun! Loved seeing all the photos!