Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hello / finish

Howdy folks -
We had a good weekend. I finished the pin cushions from the last Cross stitch and Needlework magazine- they are really cute!!

will fill them with buttons

the underneath part
I also made a gift for Scott for our 22nd anniversary. We said no gifts this year - we would go out together but this is so cute that I couldn't pass it up! I found it on Pinterest  I got the tiles from my mom because she has a game for craft use - I sure couldn't steal them from our game!! The paper and the frame from Michaels.
We went to an estate sale and I found this adorable sewing box  - I will have to clean and paint it but I love it!! I am not sure how old it is or anything about it - too bad!

Scott and I went to Lollicup again - wow!! I got the sesame milk with boba - tastes kinda like peanut butter - loved it!! Scott got a raspberry snow - tastes like laffy taffy - delicious!!
of course I took a picture!
We went to dinner Friday night - when we walked back to the car I noticed the CRAZIEST bee hive - HUGE!!! Isn't it amazing? - wow!! 

Scott had to replace our faucet in the kitchen - just stopped working. I have never seen that happen. I love the new faucet though!!

We didn't do much - some shopping and errands. Scott left Sunday morning for Indiana, sort of a business trip. I hope I have more to say about that later.  That is all I know  - back to work for me. Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Never heard of Boba! I thought that beehive was a large type of mushroom. It sure is weird.

  2. You have done all kinds of cute projects. I'm sure your DH will love the little tile gift. The drinks look yummy and that bee hive huge!! Have a good week!

  3. I love your blog - especially because I can see your face from up here in Indiana! Be careful in the snow baby. Love me.