Monday, April 29, 2013

Indiana part 1

We took a whirlwind trip to Indiana the 24-28.  We drove straight through - 17 hours is exhausting. We stopped only for  lunch in Kansas at a DDD (of course)
Woodyard BBQ

cheesy corn, sausage, chicken and brisket  

potato salad, salmon, chicken and burnt ends

 It was ok - sausage was really good. The "hot" sauce was not much hotter than ketchup.... I wouldn't go back if I lived there but it was a nice stop.
The first day we were there we looked at houses. There are some fantastic houses!! I can't wait to have a new house.We looked at 6 - agreed on 2 . I hope one of them is still available after we get our ducks in a row. We went and looked at the outside of two houses that we are interested in.  One of them has a wrap around porch Scott really loves. The other was built in 1875 - it is a beautiful 2 story old home on 4 acres with a barn. Scott really loves that one. He will go see it when he is there and let me know if it is good one the inside - we looked in the windows and it needs work but if it is sound then it will be worth it. Plus, there is some talk of a cross stitch shop if we go with this house....but let's not get our hopes up.
 We ate lunch at Shapiro's - not on DDD but we have been told to go there and saw it in the Indy visitors guide.
I guess I didn't keep the picture of Scott's sandwich - looked like that one without the sauerkraut in it! The sandwiches are HUGE!! The atmosphere is crazy -it's a big cafeteria that has deli food - like deviled eggs and borscht. You go down the line and tell them what you want. The sandwiches were delicious.
 We went and looked at Zionsville IN - cutest place!  I guess it is also the most expensive - no kidding the houses were all at least a million - and not even very big!
I wasn't feeling well - at all. I had PMS so I already had bloating, cramps and everything was swollen. Then I sat in the car for 17 hours and then I ate 60 pounds of corned beef. I was miserable. We bought some medicine and I didn't really eat again this day! I was asleep before Scott had even showered!! I slept past when he woke up and  felt better.
We looked at apartments -  picked one out and started the process. We picked a storage unit by the apartment - which is close to his work - and paid for a month of that. He is ready to go!! We drove to this thing they call Broad Ripple - a section of Indy. Very cool shops and restaurants. We just drove around - we will have time to walk all the sections once we are living there. We ate at 3 Sisters Cafe. The owner, herself, waited on us. She is awesome and the food was fantastic!! Well, mine was. After the crazy meat sandwich the day before I could not handle any more meat - Scott got a nasty meat thing that Guy had and I did not even taste it - ick.

blueberry goat cheese pie drizzled with honey and sprinkled with almonds 

brie, berries and apples on multi- grain. soup is chickpea and spinach with curry

D'nai pork and kale with dipping stuff. 

confetti hash browns - sweet potato and potato with a "kicking" spice 

I almost didn't get the brie sandwich because they leave the rind on - the owner insisted that I would love it - she was right!!
I am going to do this in two posts - so many DDD!!! See you tomorrow for more tasty food!!


  1. Your great post made me hungry!! Be sure to check out Conner-Prairie when you move!