Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ohhh fun stuff!

Remember the perpetual journal I have been working on perpetually (hee hee) Well, I finally found a box at Micheals - it was a set of three with a dreadful picture painted on it. I painted it black.  I was going to do a lace pattern in white but painting is not my metier.  (nice word huh? I heard it in a book I was listening to - Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett)  So, I just put a ribbon around it. Not sure I like the ribbon with button so I put it on with a glue dot so I can take it off if I change my mind...

see the pink ribbon peeking out?

I found the CUTEST paper clips with ribbon on them to hold my place!!
We had a bathroom window replaced. Scott was going to put glass blocks in but then all this Indiana stuff happened.
old wood window with the blinds inside the glass

new vinyl window with privacy glass
We have had two showing appointments but I don't think anybody showed up for the second one - no offers yet. *sigh*
I also finished the third Little Sheep Virtues by Little House Needleworks "Peace" I wish I had tea dyed the off white fabric - I hate it when you get in a project and wish you had done something different! I don't want to restitch three though soooooooo guess I have to live with it.

I also cut out the felt for the pillows for the first 5.  I am now working on "Courage"  and I have everything ready for "Faith" love the little black sheep on that one!! 

I came up with a good solution for putting my initials on each piece! I made little felt hearts to put on the back. I stitched J 13 in thread that matches the color of the pillow! It's all still pieces right now, but see......

Look what I got today....

I already have the first two stitches in!! I wanted to get the start point measured because there was an issue with it - don't use the arrows for the center. It's exciting -my first mystery sampler! 
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are having a lovely day!


  1. You LHN sheep look great to me. I do know what you mean about wishing you could change something. I can't wait to see the mystery sampler. I did the LK Halloween one last year and really enjoyed it.

  2. Looks like someone has been doing some damn shopping while I've been away. What the hell? Mystery sampler my sweet Aunt Fanny. The mystery who said go shopping? Just teasing doodie. Looking forward to framing it all. Love you - me