Monday, June 3, 2013

Grand Junction

I hope you all had a good weekend. I had a lovely weekend. I wish Scott could have been there to share it with me. He wasn't - so I took a ton of pictures. I will share a few with you guys! My mom and I went to Grand Junction Co to visit family. I got off work at 6am and picked her up in Denver and off we went. We tried to letterbox along the way but it was basically a huge disappointing mess. Plus, because of all the pointless detours it took us ALL day to get there. I was up 32 hours - which is not as hard as you might think. We drove through sun, rain, snow, sleet, rain and sun!
a little bit of mom and me!

Vail pass

western side of Eisenhower tunnel 

Vail pass

how'd this picture of diagonal highway headed towards Boulder get in here?

Vail pass

western side of Eisenhower

We stayed with my Aunt Debbie. Her and her husband have a wonderful cabin up on the Mesa filled with wonderful things. It is filled with items that you know have a story - a good story about being found and a fond memory that goes with it. It is wonderful to walk around and look at all the fun things. I am not going to post any pictures of their home on a blog. My aunt has a lovely sewing room too - I love those!!
Aunt Debbie and my mom Diana

Uncle Joe - proudly on a protein diet ick
I felt like a princess!!
It was good to get to their house. We ate wonderful food. I got to shower and I slept 10 hours! The next day we tried to letterbox again - you'd think we would know better! Out of several we only got one. Deb went with us and we went into Grand Junction. We ate lunch. We went to the Meadery of the Rockies I love that stuff but I didn't even sample it! I am a light weight and I was driving!! We ate lunch at Conchitas (no website) it was good! We stopped and visited my uncle Joel
what a cutie!!
 My aunt had some wonderful lotion in one of her bathrooms so she took me to the store where she thought they might have it. Crabtree & Evelyn lotion  citron honey and coriander I love it!! I found it - outrageously priced at .9 ounce for $7.00 but every tube had been used - people just would sample it. They gave it to me buy one get one free (still outrageous but I HAD to have it!!) I also bought  some cute bracelets - I will have to take a picture of that. I will be making my own!
Uncle Joel and Aunt Carol came to the house for dinner and stayed the night too YAY!!
Deb and mom

Joel, Joe and CArol

Joel and mom

Joel and Joe

Joe, Deb Carol, Joel and mom

you don't want to know...

gorgeous scenery
  We ate salmon and spinach salad and quinoa salad. We played card games - we had so much fun! I love these people!!

saw deer in the morning

this is a black and green humming bird - very brave and chirpy 

view from the driveway

Vail Co

wild women

lizards too!! 

I had never been to Minturn - really cute town!!
 We had a wonderful time despite the boxing issues - wasted A LOT of time messing with it. Ugh! Mom and I came back Saturday night - again took all day to get home because of some time wasting long walks. Scott was house hunting on Saturday and he went to the movies. I get to see him soon - I can't wait!!! 
I'm sure she doesn't know she took this picture hee hee
Hope you all had a good weekend - with fun family (who cheated at cards and didn't let you win) Ü


  1. Such pretty scenery. I'm sure your DH will love seeing all the great family photos! Looks like a great time.

  2. I wish I had been there, babydoll. Those people do cheat at cards! See you soon my love - Me