Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scott was here

Yay for me - again!! Scott was home this weekend! He flew in Thursday night. It was GREAT to see him - I miss that handsome face terribly!! We went to a place that has been on Diners Drive ins and Dives, but hasn't aired yet, called Prohibition 

my guy!

crispy polenta - DELICIOUS!! 

spice rubbed flank steak - FABULOUS!! 

Prohibtion burger

bison pastrami 

check came in a book that people had signed!

there's the proof!!
We did not get what Guy had - short rib burger or the apple streusel - maybe next time. My sandwich was very good. I didn't taste the Bison. Scott's burger was very good too! Fries were great!
We ran around - met friends for dinner - had a BBQ with the kids - watched our taped shows - Scott did some stuff around the house. We had a very nice weekend. It was hard to let him leave again. Going back to the house alone made me sad. 
This week I will be putting the house on the market. I have a window that is being replaced and I am going to the Berthoud quilt show with my mom. They hang the quilts up like they are on a clothesline - very cute.  I will post pictures! 
Hope you all have a nice week with the ones you love. 

we love Skype!! 

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  1. It was such a nice weekend, babydoll. Soon we will have them all together. I love you so - Me