Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woo Hoo a finish!!

I did it - I finished 6 Fat Men!!
Lizzie *Kate 6 Fat Men

I also almost finished my "journal" The original pattern is an up-cycled item but I bought new things because I didn't have any of the old stuff. I got postcards from an online company. I am not telling you what company - if you want to know email me. They ended up being reproductions of post cards - which is fine since I was cutting them up. Plus, they were cheap so I won't complain. I still haven't found a suitable box.
on the left is a vintage reproduction of a Valentine's card, top is Frontier restaurant in Albuquerque NM  (best cinnamon rolls EVER) next is Ruth from Ruth's Diner in Utah, Kansas City KS - Scott sent me that on his way to Indiana *sigh*, Homer Alaska eagles

 top left Vegas - woo hoo!! down is Vail Colorado, Indianapolis IN. Top right is a vintage reproductions Halloween postcard, Amish country and The Denver City and County building at Christmas
I just sat it in my Polish box so you could see how it will look when I find an appropriate box!


  1. Your fat men are so cute! But I don't want to see anything related to snow!

  2. I just love your 6 fat men!