Monday, September 30, 2013


Happy Monday to you...

This weekend we went to Cleveland! We wanted to do some fun Ohio things and see some of Scott's family that lives there!  We left Friday afternoon - I drove most of the way because Scott worked from the car! We grabbed one letterbox on the way. First thing we did was go to The Melt. It has been on DDD but we have been - three times now - to every location they have!! They are opening a new one in December so we will have to go back!! Every location is fun and delicious!! 
pumpkin pie martini

hard apple cider

Meatloaf Fight Club

as big as your head

mushroom melt

cartoons on the walls

lots of light up lawn ornaments
The meatloaf sandwich is a triple stack with homemade meatloaf, pan fried potato pancake croquets, hickory bacon, chipotle ketchup, romaine, tomato and muenster!! The mushroom melt is garlic mushrooms, balsamic fig jam, arugula and provolone. They were both delicious!
Saturday Scott and I went to the West Side Market  - one of my favorite places to go in Ohio!!!

pistachio canoli

snuggle - it has nuts and flaky pastry - fantastic!

The market is fabulous!! It's only open certain days of the week. This time we bought bread, homemade noodles and gnocchi, beef jerky. We think next year we may come up to bulk shop here - bring it home and freeze stuff. We also buy dried strawberries - most wonderful and these tiny bananas - delicious!!

After that we went to Lucky's Cafe- also been on DDD - this is our second visit. I always get the mac and cheese - for breakfast! It has brie in it - best ever!!

they grow a lot of the stuff they serve!

They are a little over-priced - hash was $18 yikes. I don't like applesauce - but I like theirs. You eat it with the mac and cheese - mmmmm
After breakfast I took Scott to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!  They let you take pictures now! He loves that place. We are now members! I left him there and I went to Crafty Ewe it is a GREAT place!! They have every new pattern I've seen on Norden Crafts!! Tons of threads and fabrics!! I was there looking at every little thing for over an hour!!

no kidding!!
I did buy a few things
The little package is the fabric for the turtles. The other fabric is for Blackbird Designs "Away We Ride"
It is surprising how much money three things can cost..... I wish I lived closer to Crafty Ewe!! The store in Bloomington is quite lovely though and very close to my new house!! 
Did you know that the house from "The Christmas Story" is in Cleveland? I went over to see - they have the house tours, museum and gift shop!

I tried to go letterboxing by myself - did not work. A lot of road construction going on in the town and there were SOOOOO MAAAANY people in town. I could not find parking - some of the routes were closed. Plus, it's no fun to go alone. I went over to where Scott was. They allow pictures now...

The birds on the balcony apparently are used to being fed...

We met Scott's Aunt Elaine, Uncle Phil , 2 cousins - Christine and Marybeth, 2 second cousins - Paige and Nathan, and Grandma for dinner in Canton - did I get any pictures? I did not  - just of this interesting piece of art in the restaurant - Grinders

After dinner we went over to Grandma's place. She lives in one of those assisted living places - in her own apartment! She will be 93 this year and looks great! She gets out and does lots of fun things! Scott and I love the place she lives and we wonder how old you have to be to get in one of those places - we are ready!! They recently remodeled her room - real nice! We had a good time - love to see these people!!

Sunday Scott and I went letterboxing in a local cemetery. We had been in this one before but there were new boxes so we had to go back!

It is a beautiful cemetery!!
On our way out of town we went to a new DDD (new for us)  Parkview Nite Club I have not been able to get their website to work for days so the link is to an article about them on the Discovering Cleveland site.
The food was better than I expected!

BBQ brisket

BBQ pork

The BBQ sauce was different on each sandwich - very tasty!!! This was our 49th DDD - crazy!!
We had an uneventful ride home - a little rain.

yes, that is a big football!!

It's Monday again. I hope you all had a good weekend!!

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  1. What an interesting post. The only problem with it was that it made me very hungry!!! That was some football.