Friday, November 29, 2013

never eat again...

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Ours was nice. We went to Maggianos - holy cow!!! We have never been to a restaurant for Thanksgiving! They had a special menu everything was served family style on big plates. There was enough food for 4 people on each plate!!  The meal started with bruschetta, then they had us pick two salads. We got to pick two meals - turkey with stuffing and ham with mashed sweet potatoes, two pasta dishes - ziti and ravioli, two sides - creamed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes, two desserts - pumpkin cheesecake and apple crostini. O  M  G the food was so good!! It was all you could eat while there and you got to take the stuff off your table home - we left with THREE bags of leftovers!!!  Scott made a pumpkin pie. Our new stove has this silly feature that we are not used to - when you change the oven temp you have to hit start again or it wont change the temp! Scott baked his pie at 425 for an hour - it was still good!! The crust got a little dark but surprisingly the pie was OK!!  Here is a picture of the braid I made - frosted!!
I asked Scott if he remembered when the tradition started - he says his mom made it one year and I made it a tradition. I'll have to ask her because I was sure it was a tradition he brought with him! I started making ours when we lived in Alaska because it cost to much to mail us one! So this year I made one for each kid and mailed them - $17 each. Ryder got his no problem but not Taylor. I am super irritated because hers got sent back as undeliverable. I have mailed stuff to her before but I double - triple checked the address. According to tracking the postal person only had it 3 hours and then sent it back. We mailed it from a UPS store and so they checked the address as well - however, our return address is the apartment address but I didn't even look at it because I never expected it to be returned. Sooooo I had to call the postal service to have them catch it and I am having them check to see why it was returned in the first place. You can't call the local post office - all of the numbers are busy and I think I can see why. *grumble grumble*
We were going to go to the movies last night but we were so full that I was sure there would be napping - we are going to go today when Scott gets off work (I came to work with him today hee hee) I was a terrible person yesterday - I am all for shops being closed on the holidays and say I wont shop but then I ate at a restaurant and on the way home I saw a Micheals and it was open!! I made Scott stop (I know I KNOW!!  I'm the devil) I had run out of fiber fill for my sheep pillows (ugh I thought I was tired of stitching them - making them into 18 pillows uhhhhhhh) I ended up buying cute baskets for the pillows - a laundry basket - fiber fill and some thread! I don't really feel bad about it - I just hope they are getting great pay for coming in.
Speaking of pillows - here they are. I am now stitching the next sheep *sigh*
set one

set two
Three more to make (per basket) I can hardly wait!! They turned out cute though (just don't look close... each and EVERY one is crooked - seriously)
This week I finally got the entry painted and most of the banister stripped of paint - that was a disaster btw! That stripper goes everywhere and it's caustic. I even thought I had lost the cat because I had to open the front door because of the smell. I wont do that again. I thought I would get the fireplace room painted but I sure didn't (short week) maybe next week! I did iron every single one of Scott's shirts. The apartment made them all stink so I had to wash them. He likes them hung up so they don't shrink and lose color. The new washer spins those clothes around so much that they come out SUPER wrinkled and almost dry. I thought I could get all of them done in an hour or so - took 7 - SEVEN hours of ironing!!! At least it's done - funny part is I don't want him wearing any of them now ha!
The box I was painting last week - got it painted and distressed - that was so much fun!!

loooove it

I used a fork to make x's and dots
I really love the way it turned out!!! I can't wait to make the stitched pieces that go in it!!
It's almost my blog one year anniversary. I was thinking of doing a give-away of one of these ....
needle holder
 and one of these....
ornament the size of a quarter too
 Last time I did a give-away I only had two people interested - one of them a co-worker - so I said I wouldn't do it again. This may be a better give-away though - what do you think? Would any of you be interested in winning one of these (imperfectly made) fun items?
I hope you have delicious leftovers to munch on and lovely stitchey things to make!! Thanks for stopping by Ü!!


  1. All your sheep pillows are wonderful. Your dinner sounded wonderful! I am so tired today , I just might do the eating out thing next year.(I say that every year) I guess it is kind of like having a baby, you forget how painful it is!!! Actually, my guests were all wonderful. I love the little rabbit!

  2. The sheep pillows look really good. I hope kitty came back!

  3. helloo :) gorgeous sheepies .... :) shame about the postal system ... hope you get it sorted ... and awwww I have one of those peeps to make but your bunny is super cute too :) (barb sent me over to pop by :) love mouse xxxxxx