Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year!!

I have been gone - I meant to post on Monday but life got in the way!! My kids made it back to Colorado - in spite of Indiana crazy weather! I'm sure everybody has heard about the weather woes for this side of the US. This is a picture post - ready....
my adorable people

winter fruit and walnut pie. Not pretty but tasty.

art in Indianapolis seen from the library

West Baden Angels - neat exhibit in Indy - the link has the article about these angels!!

Ryder does this to our to-go containers

see all those tree limbs down - ugh

Framed - gift for my mom's birthday
lots of wet snow

more snow!!

I am keeping these ornaments from escaping

one week progress pic for "Easter" by Renato Parolin  - don't be fooled that is 25x18

my boys - took 20 pictures to get one I could use

Taylor was a knitting machine!! 7 dishclothes!!
attempt to thaw pipes  - could not get to the frozen part though

I am watching the wall destruction from a safe distance~

trees down - bad roads

like this ALL the way to the airport - even on highways!!

kids on the other side of security

Eastern Towhee


look at all that snow!!
my people
The washer pipes froze right up. We had to tear that wall down as well. Got them working and now we unhook it at night and let them drip too. What a pain in the arse!! The bathroom thawed itself without breaking thank goodness - we can not figure out where it is frozen - finished basement and all. We lost power for a few hours on Monday - got down to 52 in the house but we had a fire going. I got the house cleaned (and unChristmased) and all the laundry done. Holy cow my house was filthy! It was nice to have the kids here. We had a good time.
Hope you are all staying warm!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Enjoyed the photos! Did your family enjoy the snow??? Why the heck are pipes on inside walls freezing?

  2. 1. Happy to see I'm not the only one who puts the ornaments in their original boxes and then in plastic bins. :)

    2. That's a whole lotta snow. I can emphathize with the cold temps. I sit under an electric blanket most of the time while I'm at home.

    3. The BF's shower pipes froze. He spent the most of one day home from work getting it unfrozen and fixed.

    4. The gift for your Mom looks great in that frame!

  3. Amazing snow pics and cool people pics! Hope you figure the pipes out; that is just rotten.

  4. Boy, you have had your problems! I did love seeing all the snow from just very rainy Seattle! Great family pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday with your family.