Monday, January 13, 2014


I hope you all had a nice weekend. Ours wasn't bad - stayed home mostly. Scott has been sick - he is doing better but is still sick. We decided to re-watch Downton Abbey season 3 before starting 4. I love that show!! We are almost done and will have two season 4 episodes to watch - YAY!!
Here is the Sunday night picture of Renato Parolin's "Easter"
That is two weeks worth of work. When I added the second brown to the tree, I found a spot that I messed up - so I had to frog about an inch of stitching and redo it. I love it! The picture makes it look smaller - I know I said it in the last post but that is a 25x18 piece of fabric! It's a good size!!
Scott put tile up in the kitchen. I had a before picture but when I went to the airport to pick the kids up my phone said something about a fail - so I restarted it and I had lost all my pictures ALL OF THEM AHHHH. Luckily I had put all of the other before pictures on here already but still distressing to lose them all. So I have no ugly before picture. This tile is just a temporary fix since we plan on remodeling the kitchen in a year or so.
 It's very pretty. Don't mind the ugly cabinet - the contractor who sold the house repainted the cabinets because they are so horrible. There used to be a microwave there - which was dumb because the cabinet is too low to have a microwave that close to the oven top. When we took it down it was covered in mouse poo so I'm glad we ditched it anyway!! The holes are covered but I don't want to redo the whole section if we are just going to remodel. You don't really notice it - unless it's pointed out and the tile draws your eyes away anyhow. It will do until the big redo!
We had rain this weekend so most of our snow is gone! I was going to do some step aerobics but the VCR ate my tape - guess that is what you get for still have tapes right. So, I went for a walk - man is it windy!! It was surprising to see the damage from the snow. I only took one damage picture.

still snow in the valley

Steep!! It's hard to walk down it!!
I walked 2.58 miles in an hour - boy is this area hilly!! Tomorrow is a yoga day!! It's a disc - not a tape!
Hope you all have a lovely week! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. The tile looks great! Hope Scott is better. My poor DH now has the same bug I had. He sounds just terrible and feels almost as bad. I tried to be so careful!!! I am impressed with your walk!!My Y program requires 150 minutes of hard walking per week but it is fairly level where we walk!

  2. I forgot to say how pretty "Easter" is! I am looking forward to watching it grow.

  3. OK... first things first.... GORGEOUS WIP. Sorry to hear you had to frog, but glad that's all taken care off.

    Losing pics... that sucks. :( Hope there wasn't too many pics in the phone.

    Ermm... mouse dropping??? At least they're not rat droppings.... ROFLMAO!!!! Sorry sorry... couldn't resist.

    And... VCR? What's that? AHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!

    Happy Hermitting this weekend!

  4. Great progress on Easter.
    The tile is pretty.
    Congrats on your walking.