Monday, January 20, 2014


Howdy folks,
Holy cow - I am sick - I have been sick for about 6 days. I am done being sick but I guess sick is not done being me. I haven't slept a full night in about 4 nights - that means Scott doesn't sleep either. I offered to sleep elsewhere but he doesn't want me too - sweet guy!! Last night I thought I would sleep but the horrid coughing portion of this cold has decided to descend and I had to prop myself up on pillows to keep from hacking. I decided to clean my house today - why? Because if I convince myself that I am no longer sick then it has to go away - right?!?!? This has been fairly painful - sinus pain and chest pain. My daughter brought this with her from Colorado. I already told her next time she visits she has to be quarantined for a month (in a cage) and any sign of sickness - back she goes!!
Scott is feeling better - this stupid cold just hangs on!! He still sniffs a bit and gets headaches from sinuses but doing much better. Scott got some stuff done this weekend and I have pictures!! First we went antiquing, didn't find much - just a piano bench with a coffee sack as a cover - cute

perfect to sit at the window

a little house - we will put a (non flame ) candle in it

bought some Park Designs chair pads - cute!!
 We also bought a few dish clothes from Park Designs. Soon we will get valences from them for the kitchen windows - yay!! My laundry room has a cute split door but I can't use it because of the cat - his litter box is in there and I'm not sure he can figure out that the top is open.
 Scott put up a shelf  and a bar to hang clothes to dry on - I love it!!Finally got my chickens up!!
 Because I have been sick - I have had a ton of time to work on my Easter tree - this is 3 weeks worth of work. I am almost done!!
 Scott puts a container in his chair because he doesn't like the cat sleeping in it - I thought this was amusing.
The cat has enjoyed my illness - he has someone to sleep next to all day while I stitch. What a lucky guy!!
Well I have laundry to fold and the sweeper to run. Hope you are all healthy and happy!!
Oh and


  1. Wow. Lots of stitching done! Sorry you are still sick. Did you show Scott the cat pic???

  2. You guys sound like us. I had it first and now my poor DH is coughing and like you, having trouble sleeping. We have gone through boxes of tissues!!!!! That Easter Tree gets prettier with each picture. Oh, and by the way, go Hawks!

  3. Great progress on Easter.
    Funny pic of the cat, nothing stops them. lol
    Geez, I hope you both feel better soon.