Monday, May 6, 2013

My weekend

We had a nice weekend. I am freaking out a little about Scott leaving - 6 months didn't seem to long when it wasn't a sure thing, but now that it is - geez - that seems like a long time. *sigh* Plus, the fact that he is packing and I am not - weird. We decided to put the house on the market sooner than later - so I might be homeless soon. If the house sells he will come get the rest of our stuff and the cat *sigh*  I will stay here - somewhere, maybe with my mom - commute will suck. It will be worth it - it will be worth it - it will be worth it!
We went to another diner this weekend. Remember a few posts ago I told you that Guy had been to a few restaurants in Denver that had not aired - we went to Hops and Pie. Well, that Monday one aired - Highland Tavern
Highland Tavern

pork rinds

tavern tots

"The Boomer" brie, mushrooms, and truffle oil with sweet potato fries

"El Guapo" green chilies, cheddar, mayo, pickled onions and fries


Ryder was with us. He got the Reuben because they were out of the sandwich Guy had. We had over an hour wait - which is not surprising for a Denver restaurant on Saturday night. We ended up sitting at the bar and ordered the tots and rinds - good thing we did because they ran out of those too!! Very busy place! We had a good time and the food was great - tots are FANTASTIC!!!
Scott framed two pictures for me today - in the middle of packing!
I got this print for Christmas Kevin Eslinger is the artist . He has an owl I love! 

Teresa Wentzler Futurecast
The dragon was great fun to stitch. You are instructed to choose an over-dyed fiber color and pick all you other colors from that thread. Mine turned out very dark. If you look at the gallery you will see the other colors people picked - mine is on there under SnowflakeAK! You can't really tell that the frame is a sparkly purple from the picture - but it is!
The Cat in the Hat print had to be photographed in the dark hallway because it was very reflective - you could see me in the damn thing.
I finished the one and only knitted scarf I will ever make. It is not for Scott but he modeled it for me - what a handsome fella!! Yeah, it's hard to see - but there isn't much to see anyway.
chenille scarf
Scott will be gone Mon- Fri in Charlotte NC for training. He leaves for Indiana the 14th. Ryder is going with him to help unload the moving truck and then flying back. *sigh*

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