Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weekend fun

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine wasn't bad. I miss Scott so damn much - so there's that. I spent a day doing chores and stitching so that was nice. Saturday I met my mom in Littleton. We did some shopping and some letterboxing.
Polish Pottery outlet 

They have gorgeous pottery!
Mom got an amazing deal - she got a plate for 70% off - she paid $15!! I did not get a picture of it - darn it!!  Scott gave me a gorgeous cup and a wooden box he had bought here for Christmas!
We stopped for coffee and a danish at Romancing the Bean It is in a 135 year old train station - they have fantastic goodies. I got "Silver Doodle" coffee - cinnamon, chocolate, carmel and hazelnuts - so tasty!
cheese danish mmmmm
Mom made a friend - he is from PA and his hobby is train pictures. He was a nice guy - talked about how things are not made in the US anymore!
We went to buy tomatoes - mom says they have to be planted on a full moon - ok. They had a Mariachi band there - Scott says it's so the tomatoes are spicy!
Mom and I went to this burger place - I have to mention it because it is entertaining. It's Bud's Bar in Sedalia. They have no website. Here is the menu
That is it - no more. Do not ask for fries - I guess Bud would yell at you when he was alive. His daughters run the place now.
This is the cheeseburger

This is what the check looked like, $11.20 for two burgers and two drinks. Not bad burgers either. Then we went to mom's house. My step-dad Brian's mom turned 80 and they had a get together. I only took a few pictures
Phil, Brian and Hugh (Brian's brothers)

Courtney (Brian's Daughter)

Brady (Brian's son) Phil (Brian's brother)

Carol - the birthday girl

Kelly (Brian's daughter)

Kevin (Brian's brother) doesn't he look like John Travolta? 
 I did not get pictures of Brian's sister Patty or of her husband or daughter. I missed Kelly's boyfriend too.
I did get a picture of Luke - I fed him carrots but he was grumpy. He used to be dark grey - he's an old guy - old and grumpy! I tried to get a picture of mom chasing chickens - very amusing but I couldn't get it!
Scott got a chance to go to the Indy 500 - he had a good time. The guy he was there with works here in Colorado at one of the places Scott used to work. He has gone to the races for 30 years. He then showed Scott around Indy - Scott took some great pictures. Indy is a beautiful place!!
This is the only picture I have to post though. His seat was on turn 3 - very loud!!
That is all folks. Hope you have a good week! I am back at work Sunday - Wednesday. Next week I will have pictures of Grand Junction - visiting family!!


  1. What a nice looking weekend! I sure miss your pretty face, my love. Me

  2. I can imagine how you miss your husband. However, you made the best of things -great photos of fun activities!