Friday, May 24, 2013


Ryder turns 20 today. Yeah, that makes us old!! Yesterday I took him to lunch and forced him to letterbox with me. I had two boxes in the area that Scott and I had already tried  - they were there this time...odd.
carrying my bag!
this is a huge family!!

I counted 25 babies!!! 
We went to lunch at The Vietnamese Cafe it is one of our favorite places to eat.
combo noodle bowl

spring rolls

ice Vietnamese coffee 

the coffee dripping - YAY

he got curry shrimp- picture is missing...

yep, store bought - I'm a terrible mother
I had not had the coffee before - it was wonderful! I had a good time - Ryder said he did but you know how 20 year old boys are....
Last week Ryder and some friends went skydiving.

He LOVED it!! He wants to be certified but that costs $2000. Maybe someday...
Happy Birthday Ryder - here's to many more happy birthdays!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ryder!! Just wait till he turns 40 as my son did this year! Then you know you are old!!!