Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I have done

So I have taken my alone time to finish some projects.... While Scott was packing he found two large boxes of t-shirts that he has saved over the years. (you don't even know - Pepsi cans, Star Trek figurines, records, CDs, books sheesh) I told him we could make a t shirt quilt... He gave me all the ones he wanted to use. Yes, I have been known to quilt as you will see in this here blog but I am not very good at it - always crooked. I have a friend at work Jessica - she is amazing at quilting!! I asked her to do it for me. She will be making two quilt tops for me - 24 shirts. I bought all the stuff for it and the terms of the agreement are secret. I will tie them when she is done. This left a few extra shirts. In our new home we plan on having a music room. Scott will be able to have his hundreds of CDs, records and posters all in one great spot. I envision there being a couch so I decided to make some pillows out of the extra shirts - nothing frilly because they are for the music room...

One on the left was a Led Zeppelin shirt, next is Capitan Tigers shirt - that is the high school Scott graduated from in Capitan NM.The shark shirt Scott got when we lived in Alaska. It's art by Ray Troll - he lives in Ketchikan AK.   Eat Me Raw Honey Company  sells - honey - in Clam Gulch Alaska, one side was the front of the shirt and the other side is the back - clever, yes?
I also put together a kit I bought in Georgetown CO at the Quilted Purl - it's a Kansas Troubles pattern

The shop in Georgetown had no applique on it - I really liked it. I am sure it is crooked - grrr. I have not quilted it because I am not fond of quilting - at all. This is most likely the last quilt top I will ever make, Scott thinks they should be hand quilted - yes, I have told him it is time for him to learn to quilt then - and that is so time consuming, I have three or four king size quilts to hand-quilt already (yeah, right) so I will make no more. This one sure is pretty though! I got an email that I won the new Icicle Kisses pattern from Kansas Troubles blog  so I may have to make one more quilt after all!! It is beautiful!! Thanks so much Lynne!!
I am still plugging away at 6 Fat Men by Lizzie Kate. Two and a half more snowmen to go.
Hope you are all having a nice weeken!! Happy Memorial Day!!


  1. I'll never be a quilter. Way too much time for an impatient person, and my points rarely matched so I just gave up.

  2. I'm another FORMER quilter. Those corners did me in!