Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, that was painful...

Scott is living in Indianapolis. He packed all his stuff-even his pillows- and left on the 14th. Ryder went with him to help unload the truck. For the most part, the trip went well. There was some construction in St. Louis that caused a major delay for them and finding diesel was a pain in the backside. That made them late getting to the apartment so they had to stay in a crappy hotel because there were no rooms available at the nice places. They got everything unloaded and ate at Shapiro's. Ryder made it home and loved flying! He did get a little lost at the Denver airport though.
Scott is not fond of his apartment. The carpet and paint are new and even the cabinet fronts but it stinks like a cigarette and living in an apartment after living in a house...well, you know. He is sleeping on an air mattress for now and has to use a laundromat. He is finding his way around though and work is slowly coming together.
Skype is a great thing!! We get to talk face to face every day. I still miss him terribly. He wants me to go do things without him but it's hard when you've done everything with the same person for years to just go do things alone…
I do have some pictures of some projects I've done but I am using the kindle fire Scott got me for mother's day and it doesn't love posting so it has to wait. I will post again on Sunday-until then, hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Doodlebug! I'm so glad you started posting on your blog again! But I want pictures of you dragging your 20 yr old son out to letterbox!! I love and miss you so - Me