Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a finish

Today was cool and rainy. I was at home with my cat, hot tea and stitching. It was lovely but then I had to come to work ugh. TGIF! (Wednesday night is Friday for me)
Scott is in North Carolina doing some training. He is also eating at a DDD without me - I'm not going to add it to my list. I told him he could not get any letterboxes there without me - I have to draw the line of "having fun without Jamie" somewhere.
 I have had some trouble sleeping - just too many things to think about and I am trying to keep from getting a cold. I finally took a sleeping aid and slept almost 8 hours today - ahhhh so good. Work is so much better when you are not struggling to stay awake.
 I got the buttons added to my pin cushion. I also bought some metallic pins to put in the top,  they are next to that un-photograph-able chenille scarf I made - I just can not get a good picture of it.
The picture dulls the colors but they are cute. In an earlier post is the pin cushion tops and underneath pictures. I think I added the link too.
A year or so ago I started making crocheted animals for a friend of mine with small children. My adult coworkers begged and harassed me for them. Giraffes in particular.
Isn't she ADORABLE!! 
So I have made a few for coworkers. One of them didn't get one and has bugged me ever since. When it got out that I was leaving he said - I guess my chances of getting a giraffe are gone - so I decided to make him a giraffe of his own. I am not giving it to him until I leave - it will be a surprise.
giraffe pattern
I finished it last night. Now I am back to working on 6 Fat Men by Lizzie*Kate. Hope you all have a lovely rainy evening - with your cat, stitching and hot tea.

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  1. Both the pin cushions and the animals are great! Just hang in there. I had to get along without my DH back when we were both working. It's a pain but time does seem to go quickly.