Monday, September 23, 2013


I finally finished "Buzzin 'Round Ewe" by Chessie and Me I felt like it took me forever - but really I made 4 road kill squirrels in between sooooo - really didn't take that long. I don't have an iron here - I do have one in storage. Scott got one from a friend of his mom's - she got it at a yard sale or something for just a few bucks. Well, the other day I ironed something and unplugged it - it shot a spark which made the wall and plug black - so it went into the trash!!
The first border is four-sided stitch (ahhhhh takes foreverrrrrr) The second border is long armed stitch.  The skep has over one stitches - as do the birds. There are lazy daisy stitches. The sheep is made of french knots and the stitches are Smyrna stitches - and the satin stitch on the skep and the grass. Fun to stitch and the varigated thread really shows up in the leaves and grass. Love it! This must be a sheep year because I am making another of this pattern and I am doing the 12 Little House Needleworks virtue sheep.   I may be tired of sheep. Next year I am not doing any series - none - nope - huh uh!!
Hope you are having a sheepy day - ha ha!


  1. Love all the specialty stitches. Super cute!!!

  2. Beautiful sampler and all those speciality stitches! Wow! Your experience with the iron was scary--glad you are safe