Friday, September 6, 2013


I will have to do this long weekend in more than one post- lots of pictures!! I will start at the beginning - HA! We left early early the 29th. We went to Niagara Falls ON. It was a nice drive. I try to work on something when I am passenger so  I made a DOA squirrel - yes you read that right. I used to work with a girl that was in animal control (she's a ranger now)  she used to bring all sorts of baby animals to dispatch! I made her a crocheted bunny - but police people are weird and she asked for a doa squirrel. I finally found a pattern for it - R K (road kill) squirrel  
his tongue sticks out

and when you pull it - it looks like intestines and nuts

better shot of the "insides"
 Sick but funny. I mailed it to her yesterday - she should not be expecting it although me asking for her address may have been a give -away.
We ate at Geraci's in University Heights in Ohio - very good!!

pizza deluxe

We used our new passports - no stamp...what? I was disappointed they did not stamp it - rude!! Niagara Falls is amazing - truly amazing!! Pictures don't do it justice because you don't get the mist sprayed on you or hear the falls. We paid to go behind the falls. When you are standing behind them and it is so loud - you get sprayed as the water comes back up after hitting the bottom. It is a little scary and exhilarating!! 
as you approach

you are looking at the US

part of journey behind the falls

behind the falls

the bridge to the US - on the right is Niagara ON
 The town is like a large carnival - loud and colorful. I only got one picture - we did not walk through town. They have several wax museums and a Ripley's museum - just weird tourist crap. Plus, they gouge you!!
We had paid for the bottom floor of our hotel- cheapest - and they upgraded us to the 14th floor - WOW
click on this - panorama of the view from our room!!
We went back to the falls at night. We paid $20 for parking in the afternoon when we got there - nice that they let you back in later if you still have the receipt!!

another panorama

The next morning we tried to get a few boxes as we left town - you have to pay for parking EVERYWHERE!!! We did not want to because we only needed 5 minutes. We parked at a restaurant and ran over to get the box across the street. We hear sirens.... across the street seven fire trucks show up - SEVEN!!! It took any interest away from us - whew!! Then Scott told them I was a dispatcher and got my picture taken with them - fun!

We then left Canada and headed for camp. Along the way we stopped in Syracuse NY at Funk ~n~ Waffles - truly a dive. It's in a basement - run by college kids. Not the cleanest place but the food was not bad. Although, I would not go back.

I got chicken and waffles

Scott got the Monte Cristo
The town was hard to drive through - packed with people and construction. We were glad to get out of there!
Hope you are enjoying our trip - tomorrow I will post about camp - it was awesome.......


  1. I have to say that I don't like anything on my waffles but butter and syrup! Poor squirrel. Can't believe they have a pattern for road kill.

  2. What a fun trip! I love seeing the falls. We stopped there many years ago on a trip to NY. I agree,you can't really describe them.

  3. What what a SCREAM!! Love the DOA Squirrel. Freaking hilarious. I was showing it to hubby on the way home last night and read the part about pulling his tongue " it looks like intestines and nuts" he look again at the picture and said ooohh acorn nuts....oh my gosh I laughed so hard.

    Your trip photos are wonderful, so glad you all had a good time. Can't wait to see more. Digging your DDD adventures. Those kids need to bring up a notch, I bet they'd do gangbusters just with being CLEANER. :) thanks for sharing.